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Game Related Terms

There are many game related abbreviations and terms, that have a special meaning for gamers or are used often in context of computer games. Here is a selection of some of them:


Here is a list of abbreviations, that have a special meaning in the gaming context. Some may have other meanings in relation to other topics, but here the meaning is to be considered explicitly for computer games related meanings.

Abbreviation Meaning
1on1 One player against one other player, usually used in context of games which allow for more than one participant in a match.
AoE Age of Empires 1 or later titles from that series or also Area of Effect
BA Balanced Annihilation
BAR Beyond All Reason
BOTF Birth of the Federation
CoD Call of Duty
CS Counter-Strike and also one of it's map/game types, the hostage scenario
CS:GO Counter-Strike Global Offensive
CSS Counter-Strike Source, sometimes also the Cascaded Style Sheet
CTF Capture the Flag
CVAR Console Variable
CoH Company of Heroes
Coop Also known as Cooperative, Co-Op or CoOp, meaning cooperative play of sorts.
DE Demolition, a Counter-Strike map/game type
Devs Developers, usually referring to entire Development Studios and their employees.
DK Dungeon Keeper
DLC Downloadable Content
DOM Domination, a mode offered by Nexuiz, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Toxikk
EF Elite Force, usually used for Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force but may also reference Star Trek: Elite Force II
EF1 Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force
EF2 Star Trek: Elite Force II
F2P Free to Play, at least the base game is not charged any money for.
FA Forged Alliance, a stand-alone expansion for Supreme Commander
FAF Forged Alliance Forever, a replacement lobby system for Forged Alliance, incl. a modded version with new units and game interface.
FFA Free for All, Deathmatch
FO Fleet Ops
FoW Fog of War
FPS First Person Shooter, Frames Per Second
FW Firewall
GC Ground Control
HotS Heart of the Swarm or Heroes of the Storm
IP Shortform for Internet Protocol, but usually refers to the IP address of a server or client.
IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange, one of the predecessors of TCP/IP, which was used mostly during the 1990 years.
KA Klingon Academy
LAN Local Area Network, usually the network at home or work. In the gaming community it may also refer to a LAN party.
Mod Short for modification.
MOHAA Medal of Honor - Allied Assault
MOTD Message of the Day
NAT Network Address Translation, a technique that allows multiple computers with different IPv4 addresses to share on IPv4 address on the internet while working behind a router. This also makes port forwarding a necessity in certain situations.
LMS Last Man Standing
NFS Need for Speed (game series)
NPC Non-playable Character
ONS Onslaught, a game mode offered by Nexuiz and Unreal Tournament 2004
P2P Peer to Peer
PA Planetary Annihilation
PvP Player vs. Player, in Starcraft context it may also mean Protoss vs. Protoss
PvT Protoss vs. Terran
PvZ Protoss vs. Zerg
RTS Real Time Strategy
RoN Rise of Nations
SC Starcraft
SC2 Starcraft 2
SHC Stronghold Crusader
SOF2 Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
SuCom Supreme Commander
SupCom Supreme Commander
TA Total Annihilation
TBS Turn Based Strategy
TCP Transmission Control Protocol, the most common protocol used on the internet. Reliable, but not as fast as UDP.
TDM Team Deathmatch
TPS Third Person Shooter
TvP Terran vs. Protoss
TvT Terran vs. Terran
TvZ Terran vs. Zerg
UDP User Datagram Protocol, a very commonly used network protocol which does not use the concept of a connection, which makes it very fast but not reliable.
UT Unreal Tournament
UT2003 Unreal Tournament 2003
UT2K3 Unreal Tournament 2003
UT2004 Unreal Tournament 2004
UT2K4 Unreal Tournament 2004
UT3 Unreal Tournament 3
UT99 Unreal Tournament
UT4 Unreal Tournament 4
V-Sync Also known as Vsync, meaning Vertical Sync.
WAN Wide Area Network, in difference to LAN sometimes used for Internet play.
XCOM Also used as X-COM, refers to X-Com UFO Defense and its predecessors
ZvP Zerg vs. Protoss
ZvT Zerg vs. Terran
ZvZ Zerg vs. Zerg

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