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Supreme Commander


Multiplayer Information

  • Internet play: no
  • LAN play: yes
  • Lobby search: yes
  • Direct IP: yes
  • Play via GameRanger: untested
  • Coop: yes
  • Singleplayer campaign: yes
  • Hotseat: no

Supreme Commander is kind of the successor of Total Annihilation, developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Square Enix on 20.2.2007.


Via the LAN you can connect with direct IP and enter the port. The game allows you to either choose the port randomly when opening a server, or to set it yourself. What doesn't work properly is players with the Steam version and DVD version in one game. The game can be started, but after some time the game is asynchronous (with constant messages that this is the case) so that the players sometimes see completely different states in the game.

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