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Unreal Tournament


Multiplayer Information

  • Internet play: yes
  • LAN play: yes
  • Lobby search: yes
  • Direct IP: yes
  • Play via Gameranger: no
  • Coop: yes
  • Singleplayer campaign: yes
  • Hotseat: no

Unreal Tournament is the first title of the Unreal Tournament Series. It is practically one of the forefathers of online shooters (together with Quake 3 Arena). As a successor of the Unreal game, it was one of the first first person shooters to be released on 23.11.1999 by Epic Games without any actual single player campaign. It is based on the Unreal engine.

You may know sounds like “HEADSHOT!” or “MULTIKILL!” from CS 1.5 servers. The originals actually come from UT. Although being old, the game is still actively played today on multiple online servers.



Unreal Tournament, also known as UT, UT 1 or UT99, is still available at GOG, with compatibility up to Win 10. It is not available in Germany, because there the game is still on the so-called index. Therefore it is not allowed to advertise the game freely in Germany.


First install from CD/Image. You should install the 436 patch (it's the last one from Epic) if not already included in your installation. Its client is compatible with all older servers. The server however requires clients to have at least version 432. The patch can only be installed with a CD (or image) inserted. The game does not need its CD after the installation any longer. So you won't need a crack. However, the game will possibly cause certain problems on current computers, which should (allegedly) be solved with these notes. It has already been reported that the game on Win 7 x64 would not play smoothly on current computers, but also that it works completely without problems. The GOG version does not seem to have this kind of problems.

Many of these problems might also be fixed with the community patch version 469, which you can get here: Newer versions might be available in the meantime as well.

Game Types

Game File Types

UT is a highly moddable game, whose files can be altered and supplemented. Here is a list of file types/extensions, that UT knows:

Extension Content Folder Location
int International Translation (English) System
u Skripts System
uax Sounds Sounds
umx Music Music
unr Maps Maps
utx Textures Textures
uz Compressed File See above

The uz extension usually comes with another one preceded, such as This indicates the actual file contents. Files of this kind can be manually decompressed by using the System\UCC.exe (Windows) resp. System/ucc-bin (Linux) in this fashion:

ucc decompress file_name

The resulting file will be placed inside the System folder of UT99. The opposite is of course also possible:

ucc compress file_name.


For exporting the music files from the game, use the OpenMPT - Open ModPlug Tracker

Network/Internet Servers

Basic Settings

Internet Server

For your own UT server you have to forward the set UDP ports. The defaults are 7777 to 7780. 7777 is necessary for the actual joining/playing while 7778 is for the server data query (map, player and such stuff are queried via it). If you use the uplink functionality, an additional third port is used, which is 7779.

LAN Server

As the server uses different ports for LAN and online play, additional ports might have to be allowed in a blocking firewall of the LAN server. By default that would be 8777 (UDP). This port is used to find out about the actual ports, mentioned in the above section. Clients will send a broadcast on ports 8777-8786 (UDP) and listen for answers. So when setting the LAN port, make sure to use a port within this range. The actual internet play port is then told to the client by the server and participation is possible. It is not recommended, to forward that port on your NAT router, as it is solely meant for LAN play.

Query Details

Read article Query Protocol on details about that subject.

Do not Use Stats

When starting a server, you should set your game stats value to false (?gamestats=false). Also set the Cvar SendStats=False in section [IpDrv.MasterServerUplink] and bWorldLog=False in section [Engine.GameInfo] of your ini file. On 13.11.2018 the stats servers went offline. As Epic's stats servers will not return, it does not make any sense to require players to use the stats with a pseudo account for this feature.

Mobile Infanterie

The UT server of the mobile infantry is, contrary to the standard, accessible via port 7779: You should also be able to find it via lobby search. When in doubt, visit to see if it is up and running.


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