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Multiplayer Information

  • Internet play: no
  • LAN play: yes
  • Lobby search: yes
  • Direct IP: yes
  • Play via GameRanger: reportedly
  • Coop: yes
  • Singleplayer campaign: yes
  • Hotseat: no

Uprising was published in 1997 by Ubisoft. It is a mixture of real time strategy and first/third person shooter. In this game you control a new secret weapon developed by the “Empire”, stolen by rebels: the Warcat. Equipped with the latest weapon technologies and the ability to instantly teleport allied troops into battle, the Warcat is a powerful war machine.


Uprising does not have any CD-Key or other restrictions (except the CD-Check), so you can buy the game anywhere where it is still offered, i.e. Ebay, Amazon, private sellers and other commercial dealers. As long as the CD is OK, everything is fine. On GOG it is distributed as an edited version, but only in English and only with two of the original four HUDs available. (E. g. the HUD that can be seen in the Screenshots is not available.)


The game can only be installed from the CD under NT systems with the compatibility mode Windows 95. However, the game can be played under 2000, XP and higher. The crack version is even more unstable than the original version. With crack and without CD you don't have the music from the CD.

The GOG version is easy to install and play. The stability is a little better, but still not 100%. In principle you have music too, but it doesn't always seem to work (Win 10).


Under Win 7 x64 the original game seems to have its problems with the display. Even with compatibility mode for Win 98 and started as administrator you can see only a gear wheel in the lower right corner of the screen. The actual menu is still there, because if you move the mouse, you can still hear the usual sounds.

The GOG version also runs under Windows 10. It used to run without any problems, but lately (2021-07-20) running certain programs kept the game from starting. Actually the GOG version notifies you an the end of the installation process, that stopping most applications may improve upon that. The following programs were encountered as problematic when it comes to starting Uprising:

  • Steam
  • elgato Stream Deck software
  • Discord

Also using more than one screen can cause problems, as the mouse pointer somehow seems to be able to leave the screen Uprising uses. If you click in this instance, then the game freezes.

However, the GOG version is only available in English. Since the German translation is not very good, this is not a real loss (at least for players who speak English).



The following maps can be started via the Singleplayer and/or the Multiplayer:

Overview Map Name Allowed Game Modes Tech Credits in Multiplayer Comments
Aranon MP & SP 120
Attilla MP & SP 320
Baal MP & SP 680
Centari MP 120
Chaud MP & SP 120
Dakka MP & SP 570
Dinarou MP & SP 120
Erudara MP & SP 20
Fenris MP & SP 320
Firbolg MP & SP 570
Glac MP & SP 680 Bad starting position for the second player
Keori MP 320
Moreska MP 320
Nan MP & SP 570 Bad starting position for the second player
Niflheim MP & SP 320
Novus MP 320
Rhemorra MP & SP 320
Sahara MP & SP 570
Solaris MP & SP 20
Terra SP 570 Here SP means that the map cannot be played with two human players, but can be started as MP-Map.
Tulgese MP 320 Both players start at the same starting point


There are still a handful of further maps, which are however actually reserved purely for the single player:

Overview Map Name


The following three maps are the tutorial maps:

Overview Map Name
Training 1
Training 2
Training 3

Easter Egg

And this one is obviously not a game map in the strict sense:

Overview Map Name


The game is playable over IPX and TCP. Which TCP/UDP ports you have to share, I can't say, because there is nothing left on the Internet about this game concerning ports. And from publisher Ubisoft I only got an alibi answer, which says quite clearly that they are not interested and they don't have the information anymore anyway.

In principle, the game can be played over LAN without any problems, as long as everyone is playing the same version. The one who opens the server can only be found by the others if they know his IP. This is actually queried in a text box as soon as you click on “Join game”. But the text field is not always visible. Often the list field of the potentially open servers is displayed, but behind it the Windows text field is invisible. With a little luck you will still see the cursor blinking.

Whether you have this case is easy to find out: If you move the mouse over the buttons, you will normally hear a corresponding sound. If it doesn't come, the text field is active and you can (blindly) enter the IP. Only after that the buttons make noises again. Then the game looks for games on the computer.

After a match you can either go back to the network menu. Or you can wait on the score screen until the server creator has opened another server. Uprising searches for games after entering the server list screen and finds the already open server accordingly. But if this server is set up again after that, it won't search again, so you have to go all the way via the network menu again, incl. IP input.


A few bombers too many left, and you get mischief:


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