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This is my own Wiki, with which I store my private stuff on the one hand, but on the other hand I also provide e.g. information for the games database. In principle interested people can get an account and maybe even a private section. A registration is only possible for me (there is no register button). Basically I would like to know who I am dealing with. Because I don't like to give access to my server to strangers I know nothing about. Inquiries can be made either to or Ideally with a meaningful subject, not that in the worst case the spam filter will strike and I won't notice it. Please provide a username. Password is generated randomly by myself. Everybody can change it by himself. If you want to use a different email address than the sender's address, then please provide this address as well. Otherwise I use the sender email address.

One fundamental thing: All texts, images and files entered here must be usable here according to copyright laws, i.e. no texts, images or files may be uploaded here without the permission of the copyright owner. Anyone who messes up will be kicked out faster than he/she would like to be, and in the event of any legal disputes arising from this, he/she will be liable to pay compensation to me for all costs that might come up in the process.

Rights to the Texts Added Here

Everything written here is automatically legitimized for free use (if no third party rights already exist). So requests of the kind “I want my texts to be deleted” will not automatically be followed, unless third parties claim their copyright. In individual cases, however, the request can be met.

Help and Guidelines

If you need help with editing, you can test it out here, or simply use the articles that already exist as examples. Some things are not always immediately obvious, so it is sometimes worth checking how exactly a certain trick was done.

When it comes to the games database, please also consider the Quality Guide.

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