Nexuiz cvars g Teil 1

cvar Funktion Default-Wert
g_allow_oldnexbeam If enabled, clients are allowed to use old v2.3 Nexgun beam 0
g_antilag AntiLag (0 = no AntiLag, 1 = verified client side hit scan, 2 = server side hit scan in the past, 3 = unverified client side hit scan) 2
g_antilag_bullets Bullets AntiLag (0 = no AntiLag, 1 = server side hit scan in the past) - DO NOT TOUCH (severely changes weapon balance) 1
g_arena Arena: many one-on-one rounds are played to find the winner 0
g_arena_maxspawned maximum number of players to spawn at once (the rest is spectating, waiting for their turn) 2
g_arena_powerups enables powerups (superhealth, strength and shield), which are removed by default 0
g_arena_roundbased if disabled, the next player will spawn as soon as someone dies 1
g_arena_warmup time, newly spawned players have to prepare themselves in round based matches 5
g_assault Assault: attack the enemy base as fast as you can, then defend the base against the enemy for that time to win 0
g_balance_armor_blockpercent custom cvar 0.6
g_balance_armor_limit custom cvar 999
g_balance_armor_regen custom cvar 0
g_balance_armor_regenlinear custom cvar 0
g_balance_armor_regenstable custom cvar 100
g_balance_armor_rot custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_armor_rotlinear custom cvar 0
g_balance_armor_rotstable custom cvar 100
g_balance_armor_start custom cvar 0
g_balance_campingrifle_auto_reload_after_changing_weapons custom cvar 0
g_balance_campingrifle_magazinecapacity custom cvar 8
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_ammo custom cvar 10
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_bulletconstant custom cvar 130
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_damage custom cvar 60
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_force custom cvar 2
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_headshotaddeddamage custom cvar 100
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_lifetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_refire custom cvar 0.7
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_speed custom cvar 35000
g_balance_campingrifle_primary_spread custom cvar 0
g_balance_campingrifle_reloadtime custom cvar 2
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_ammo custom cvar 10
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_animtime custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_bulletconstant custom cvar 130
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_damage custom cvar 35
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_force custom cvar 1
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_headshotaddeddamage custom cvar 15
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_lifetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_refire custom cvar 0.12
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_speed custom cvar 20000
g_balance_campingrifle_secondary_spread custom cvar 8
g_balance_cloaked_alpha custom cvar 0.25
g_balance_crylink_primary_ammo custom cvar 2
g_balance_crylink_primary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_crylink_primary_bouncedamagefactor custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_crylink_primary_bounces custom cvar 1
g_balance_crylink_primary_damage custom cvar 18
g_balance_crylink_primary_edgedamage custom cvar 0
g_balance_crylink_primary_force custom cvar -55
g_balance_crylink_primary_middle_fadetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_crylink_primary_middle_lifetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_crylink_primary_other_fadetime custom cvar 0.25
g_balance_crylink_primary_other_lifetime custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_crylink_primary_radius custom cvar 80
g_balance_crylink_primary_refire custom cvar 0.4
g_balance_crylink_primary_shots custom cvar 4
g_balance_crylink_primary_speed custom cvar 7000
g_balance_crylink_primary_spread custom cvar 0.03
g_balance_crylink_primary_star_fadetime custom cvar 0.25
g_balance_crylink_primary_star_lifetime custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_crylink_secondary_ammo custom cvar 2
g_balance_crylink_secondary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_crylink_secondary_bouncedamagefactor custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_crylink_secondary_bounces custom cvar 0
g_balance_crylink_secondary_damage custom cvar 18
g_balance_crylink_secondary_edgedamage custom cvar 0
g_balance_crylink_secondary_force custom cvar -55
g_balance_crylink_secondary_line_fadetime custom cvar 2
g_balance_crylink_secondary_line_lifetime custom cvar 2
g_balance_crylink_secondary_middle_fadetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_crylink_secondary_middle_lifetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_crylink_secondary_radius custom cvar 3
g_balance_crylink_secondary_refire custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_crylink_secondary_shots custom cvar 7
g_balance_crylink_secondary_speed custom cvar 7000
g_balance_crylink_secondary_spread custom cvar 0.08
g_balance_ctf_damageforcescale custom cvar 1
g_balance_ctf_delay_collect custom cvar 1.0
g_balance_curse_empathy_minhealth custom cvar 20
g_balance_curse_empathy_takedamage custom cvar -0.4
g_balance_curse_slow_atkrate custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_curse_slow_jumpheight custom cvar 1.0
g_balance_curse_slow_moverate custom cvar 0.8
g_balance_curse_venom_hpmod custom cvar 0.6
g_balance_curse_venom_limitmod custom cvar 1
g_balance_curse_venom_rotrate custom cvar 3.0
g_balance_curse_vulner_takedamage custom cvar 2.0
g_balance_curse_weak_damage custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_curse_weak_force custom cvar 0.6
g_balance_electro_combo_damage custom cvar 80
g_balance_electro_combo_edgedamage custom cvar 0
g_balance_electro_combo_force custom cvar 200
g_balance_electro_combo_radius custom cvar 250
g_balance_electro_combo_speed custom cvar 2000
g_balance_electro_primary_ammo custom cvar 2
g_balance_electro_primary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_electro_primary_damage custom cvar 65
g_balance_electro_primary_edgedamage custom cvar 0
g_balance_electro_primary_force custom cvar 200
g_balance_electro_primary_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_electro_primary_radius custom cvar 150
g_balance_electro_primary_refire custom cvar 0.6
g_balance_electro_primary_speed custom cvar 2000
g_balance_electro_secondary_ammo custom cvar 2
g_balance_electro_secondary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_electro_secondary_damage custom cvar 50
g_balance_electro_secondary_damageforcescale custom cvar 4
g_balance_electro_secondary_edgedamage custom cvar 0
g_balance_electro_secondary_force custom cvar 200
g_balance_electro_secondary_health custom cvar 5
g_balance_electro_secondary_lifetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_electro_secondary_radius custom cvar 150
g_balance_electro_secondary_refire custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_electro_secondary_speed custom cvar 900
g_balance_electro_secondary_speed_up custom cvar 200
g_balance_electro_secondary_spread custom cvar 0.05
g_balance_falldamage_deadminspeed custom cvar 150
g_balance_falldamage_factor custom cvar 0.15
g_balance_falldamage_maxdamage custom cvar 25
g_balance_falldamage_minspeed custom cvar 1400
g_balance_fuel_limit custom cvar 999
g_balance_fuel_regen fuel regeneration (only applies if the player owns IT_FUEL_REGEN) 0.1
g_balance_fuel_regenlinear custom cvar 0
g_balance_fuel_regenstable custom cvar 50
g_balance_fuel_rot custom cvar 0.05
g_balance_fuel_rotlinear custom cvar 0
g_balance_fuel_rotstable custom cvar 100
g_balance_grapplehook_airfriction custom cvar 0.2
g_balance_grapplehook_force_rubber custom cvar 2000
g_balance_grapplehook_force_rubber_overstretch custom cvar 1000
g_balance_grapplehook_health custom cvar 130
g_balance_grapplehook_length_min custom cvar 50
g_balance_grapplehook_speed_fly custom cvar 1800
g_balance_grapplehook_speed_pull custom cvar 2000
g_balance_grapplehook_stretch custom cvar 50
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_ammo custom cvar 2
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_damage custom cvar 70
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_edgedamage custom cvar 38
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_force custom cvar 400
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_radius custom cvar 140
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_refire custom cvar 0.8
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_speed custom cvar 2000
g_balance_grenadelauncher_primary_speed_up custom cvar 200
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_ammo custom cvar 2
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_damage custom cvar 70
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_damageforcescale custom cvar 4
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_edgedamage custom cvar 38
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_force custom cvar 400
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_health custom cvar 10
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_lifetime custom cvar 2.5
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_radius custom cvar 140
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_refire custom cvar 0.7
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_speed custom cvar 1400
g_balance_grenadelauncher_secondary_speed_up custom cvar 200
g_balance_hagar_primary_ammo custom cvar 1
g_balance_hagar_primary_damage custom cvar 37
g_balance_hagar_primary_edgedamage custom cvar 15
g_balance_hagar_primary_force custom cvar 100
g_balance_hagar_primary_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_hagar_primary_radius custom cvar 65
g_balance_hagar_primary_refire custom cvar 0.15
g_balance_hagar_primary_speed custom cvar 3000
g_balance_hagar_primary_spread custom cvar 10
g_balance_hagar_secondary_ammo custom cvar 1
g_balance_hagar_secondary_damage custom cvar 37
g_balance_hagar_secondary_edgedamage custom cvar 15
g_balance_hagar_secondary_force custom cvar 100
g_balance_hagar_secondary_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_hagar_secondary_radius custom cvar 65
g_balance_hagar_secondary_refire custom cvar 0.15
g_balance_hagar_secondary_speed custom cvar 1400
g_balance_hagar_secondary_spread custom cvar 15
g_balance_health_limit custom cvar 999
g_balance_health_regen custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_health_regenlinear custom cvar 0
g_balance_health_regenstable custom cvar 100
g_balance_health_rot custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_health_rotlinear custom cvar 0
g_balance_health_rotstable custom cvar 100
g_balance_health_start custom cvar 150
g_balance_hlac_primary_ammo custom cvar 1
g_balance_hlac_primary_animtime custom cvar 0.4
g_balance_hlac_primary_damage custom cvar 23
g_balance_hlac_primary_edgedamage custom cvar 10
g_balance_hlac_primary_force custom cvar 100
g_balance_hlac_primary_lifetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_hlac_primary_radius custom cvar 70
g_balance_hlac_primary_refire custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_hlac_primary_speed custom cvar 9000
g_balance_hlac_primary_spread_add custom cvar 0.0045
g_balance_hlac_primary_spread_crouchmod custom cvar 0.25
g_balance_hlac_primary_spread_max custom cvar 0.25
g_balance_hlac_primary_spread_min custom cvar 0.01
g_balance_hlac_secondary_ammo custom cvar 10
g_balance_hlac_secondary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_hlac_secondary_damage custom cvar 23
g_balance_hlac_secondary_edgedamage custom cvar 10
g_balance_hlac_secondary_force custom cvar 100
g_balance_hlac_secondary_lifetime custom cvar 5
g_balance_hlac_secondary_radius custom cvar 70
g_balance_hlac_secondary_refire custom cvar 1
g_balance_hlac_secondary_shots custom cvar 6
g_balance_hlac_secondary_speed custom cvar 9000
g_balance_hlac_secondary_spread custom cvar 0.15
g_balance_hlac_secondary_spread_crouchmod custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_hook_primary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_hook_primary_fuel custom cvar 10
g_balance_hook_primary_hooked_fuel custom cvar 8
g_balance_hook_primary_hooked_time_free custom cvar 2
g_balance_hook_primary_hooked_time_max custom cvar 0
g_balance_hook_primary_refire custom cvar 0
g_balance_hook_secondary_ammo custom cvar 25
g_balance_hook_secondary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_hook_secondary_damage custom cvar 25
g_balance_hook_secondary_duration custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_hook_secondary_edgedamage custom cvar 5
g_balance_hook_secondary_force custom cvar -2000
g_balance_hook_secondary_gravity custom cvar 5
g_balance_hook_secondary_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_hook_secondary_power custom cvar 3
g_balance_hook_secondary_radius custom cvar 500
g_balance_hook_secondary_refire custom cvar 3
g_balance_hook_secondary_speed custom cvar 0
g_balance_keyhunt_damageforcescale custom cvar 1
g_balance_keyhunt_delay_collect custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_keyhunt_delay_drop custom cvar 0.4
g_balance_keyhunt_delay_fadeout custom cvar 2
g_balance_keyhunt_delay_return custom cvar 60
g_balance_keyhunt_delay_round custom cvar 5
g_balance_keyhunt_delay_tracking custom cvar 10
g_balance_keyhunt_dropvelocity custom cvar 300
g_balance_keyhunt_maxdist custom cvar 150
g_balance_keyhunt_protecttime custom cvar 0.8
g_balance_keyhunt_score_capture custom cvar 100
g_balance_keyhunt_score_carrierfrag custom cvar 2
g_balance_keyhunt_score_collect custom cvar 3
g_balance_keyhunt_score_destroyed custom cvar 50
g_balance_keyhunt_score_destroyed_ownfactor custom cvar 1
g_balance_keyhunt_score_push custom cvar 60
g_balance_keyhunt_throwvelocity custom cvar 400
g_balance_kill_delay custom cvar 5
g_balance_laser_primary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_laser_primary_damage custom cvar 35
g_balance_laser_primary_edgedamage custom cvar 10
g_balance_laser_primary_force custom cvar 400
g_balance_laser_primary_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_laser_primary_radius custom cvar 70
g_balance_laser_primary_refire custom cvar 0.7
g_balance_laser_primary_speed custom cvar 9000
g_balance_laser_secondary custom cvar 0
g_balance_laser_secondary_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_laser_secondary_damage custom cvar 35
g_balance_laser_secondary_edgedamage custom cvar 10
g_balance_laser_secondary_force custom cvar 400
g_balance_laser_secondary_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_laser_secondary_radius custom cvar 70
g_balance_laser_secondary_refire custom cvar 0.7
g_balance_laser_secondary_speed custom cvar 9000
g_balance_minstanex_ammo custom cvar 10
g_balance_minstanex_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_minstanex_refire custom cvar 1
g_balance_nex_ammo custom cvar 5
g_balance_nex_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_nex_damage custom cvar 110
g_balance_nex_force custom cvar 600
g_balance_nex_refire custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_nexball_primary_animtime launching animtime 0.3
g_balance_nexball_primary_refire launching refire 0.7
g_balance_nexball_primary_speed launching speed 1000
g_balance_nexball_secondary_animtime stealing projectile animtime 0.3
g_balance_nexball_secondary_force stealing projectile force 500
g_balance_nexball_secondary_lifetime stealing projectile lifetime 0.15
g_balance_nexball_secondary_refire stealing projectile refire 0.6
g_balance_nexball_secondary_speed stealing projectile speed 3000
g_balance_nixnex_ammo_cells custom cvar 15
g_balance_nixnex_ammo_fuel custom cvar 0
g_balance_nixnex_ammo_nails custom cvar 45
g_balance_nixnex_ammo_rockets custom cvar 15
g_balance_nixnex_ammo_shells custom cvar 15
g_balance_nixnex_ammoincr_cells custom cvar 2
g_balance_nixnex_ammoincr_fuel custom cvar 2
g_balance_nixnex_ammoincr_nails custom cvar 6
g_balance_nixnex_ammoincr_rockets custom cvar 2
g_balance_nixnex_ammoincr_shells custom cvar 2
g_balance_nixnex_incrtime custom cvar 1.6
g_balance_nixnex_roundtime custom cvar 25
g_balance_pause_armor_rot custom cvar 5
g_balance_pause_armor_rot_spawn custom cvar 10
g_balance_pause_fuel_regen custom cvar 2
g_balance_pause_fuel_rot custom cvar 5
g_balance_pause_fuel_rot_spawn custom cvar 10
g_balance_pause_health_regen custom cvar 5
g_balance_pause_health_regen_spawn custom cvar 0
g_balance_pause_health_rot custom cvar 5
g_balance_pause_health_rot_spawn custom cvar 10
g_balance_portal_health custom cvar 200
g_balance_portal_lifetime custom cvar 15
g_balance_porto_primary_ammo custom cvar 25
g_balance_porto_primary_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_porto_primary_refire custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_porto_primary_speed custom cvar 2000
g_balance_powerup_invincible_takedamage custom cvar 0.2
g_balance_powerup_invincible_time custom cvar 30
g_balance_powerup_strength_damage custom cvar 3
g_balance_powerup_strength_force custom cvar 4
g_balance_powerup_strength_selfdamage custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_powerup_strength_selfforce custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_powerup_strength_time custom cvar 30
g_balance_rocketlauncher_ammo custom cvar 3
g_balance_rocketlauncher_animtime custom cvar 0.3
g_balance_rocketlauncher_damage custom cvar 105
g_balance_rocketlauncher_damageforcescale custom cvar 4
g_balance_rocketlauncher_detonatedelay custom cvar 0.2
g_balance_rocketlauncher_edgedamage custom cvar 40
g_balance_rocketlauncher_force custom cvar 600
g_balance_rocketlauncher_guidedelay custom cvar 0.15
g_balance_rocketlauncher_guidegoal custom cvar 512
g_balance_rocketlauncher_guiderate custom cvar 90
g_balance_rocketlauncher_health custom cvar 40
g_balance_rocketlauncher_laserguided_allow_steal custom cvar 1
g_balance_rocketlauncher_laserguided_speed custom cvar 1000
g_balance_rocketlauncher_laserguided_speedaccel custom cvar 0
g_balance_rocketlauncher_laserguided_speedstart custom cvar 1000
g_balance_rocketlauncher_laserguided_turnrate custom cvar 0.75
g_balance_rocketlauncher_lifetime custom cvar 30
g_balance_rocketlauncher_radius custom cvar 150
g_balance_rocketlauncher_refire custom cvar 1
g_balance_rocketlauncher_speed custom cvar 850
g_balance_rocketlauncher_speedaccel custom cvar 0
g_balance_rocketlauncher_speedstart custom cvar 850
g_balance_rune_defense_combo_takedamage custom cvar 1.0
g_balance_rune_defense_takedamage custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_rune_regen_combo_hpmod custom cvar 0.9
g_balance_rune_regen_combo_limitmod custom cvar 1
g_balance_rune_regen_combo_regenrate custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_rune_regen_combo_rotrate custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_rune_regen_hpmod custom cvar 1.75
g_balance_rune_regen_limitmod custom cvar 1
g_balance_rune_regen_regenrate custom cvar 3.0
g_balance_rune_speed_atkrate custom cvar 0.66
g_balance_rune_speed_combo_atkrate custom cvar 1.2
g_balance_rune_speed_combo_jumpheight custom cvar 1.0
g_balance_rune_speed_combo_moverate custom cvar 0.9
g_balance_rune_speed_jumpheight custom cvar 1.4
g_balance_rune_speed_moverate custom cvar 1.25
g_balance_rune_strength_combo_damage custom cvar 0.9
g_balance_rune_strength_combo_force custom cvar 1.0
g_balance_rune_strength_damage custom cvar 2.0
g_balance_rune_strength_force custom cvar 1.5
g_balance_rune_vampire_absorb custom cvar 0.4
g_balance_rune_vampire_combo_absorb custom cvar -0.1
g_balance_rune_vampire_combo_minhealth custom cvar 40
g_balance_rune_vampire_maxhealth custom cvar 500
g_balance_selfdamagepercent custom cvar 0.6
g_balance_shotgun_primary_ammo custom cvar 1
g_balance_shotgun_primary_animtime custom cvar 0.2
g_balance_shotgun_primary_bulletconstant custom cvar 75
g_balance_shotgun_primary_bullets custom cvar 6
g_balance_shotgun_primary_damage custom cvar 12
g_balance_shotgun_primary_force custom cvar 60
g_balance_shotgun_primary_refire custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_shotgun_primary_speed custom cvar 12000
g_balance_shotgun_primary_spread custom cvar 0.07
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_ammo custom cvar 1
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_animtime custom cvar 0.2
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_bulletconstant custom cvar 75
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_bullets custom cvar 6
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_damage custom cvar 12
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_force custom cvar 60
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_refire custom cvar 1.35
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_speed custom cvar 12000
g_balance_shotgun_secondary_spread custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_teams automatically balance out players entering instead of asking them for their preferred team 0
g_balance_teams_force automatically balance out teams when players move or disconnect 0
g_balance_teams_prevent_imbalance prevent players from changing to larger teams 0
g_balance_tuba_animtime custom cvar 0.25
g_balance_tuba_attenuation custom cvar 0.5
g_balance_tuba_damage custom cvar 25
g_balance_tuba_edgedamage custom cvar 0
g_balance_tuba_force custom cvar 200
g_balance_tuba_radius custom cvar 200
g_balance_tuba_refire custom cvar 0.25
g_balance_tuba_volume custom cvar 1
g_balance_uzi_bulletconstant custom cvar 115
g_balance_uzi_first_ammo custom cvar 1
g_balance_uzi_first_damage custom cvar 35
g_balance_uzi_first_force custom cvar 50
g_balance_uzi_first_refire custom cvar 0.2
g_balance_uzi_first_spread custom cvar 15
g_balance_uzi_speed custom cvar 18000
g_balance_uzi_sustained_ammo custom cvar 1
g_balance_uzi_sustained_damage custom cvar 20
g_balance_uzi_sustained_force custom cvar 27
g_balance_uzi_sustained_refire custom cvar 0.1
g_balance_uzi_sustained_spread custom cvar 0.05
g_balance_weaponswitchdelay custom cvar 0.15
g_ballistics_materialconstant custom cvar 1414213562
g_ban_default_bantime 90 minutes 5400
g_ban_default_masksize whole networks (set to 4 for single IPs) 3
g_ban_sync_interval sync every 5 minutes 5
g_ban_sync_timeout time out in seconds for the ban sync requests 45
g_ban_sync_trusted_servers request ban lists from these nexuiz servers (do not include your own server there, or unbanning may fail)
g_ban_sync_trusted_servers_verify when set to 1, additional bans sent by the servers are ignored, and only bans for the requested IP are used 0
g_ban_sync_uri sync using this ban list provider (empty string to disable)
g_banned_list format: IP remainingtime IP remainingtime …
g_bloodloss amount of health below which blood loss occurs 0
g_bugrigs custom cvar 0
g_bugrigs_accel acceleration 800
g_bugrigs_air_steering NFS bug emulation 1
g_bugrigs_angle_smoothing smooth the car angle a bit, looks nice 5
g_bugrigs_friction_air (very small) v ← v - v^2 * g_bugrigs_friction_air 0.00001
g_bugrigs_friction_brake units/sec friction for braking 950
g_bugrigs_friction_floor units/sec friction on floor 50
g_bugrigs_planar_movement BROTRR bug emulation 1
g_bugrigs_planar_movement_car_jumping my own bug 1
g_bugrigs_reverse_speeding BROTRR bug emulation 1
g_bugrigs_reverse_spinning BROTRR bug emulation 1
g_bugrigs_reverse_stopping BROTRR bug emulation 1
g_bugrigs_speed_pow reference power for accel and steer responsiveness 2
g_bugrigs_speed_ref reference speed for accel and steer responsiveness 400
g_bugrigs_steer steering amount 1
g_campaign custom cvar 0
g_campaign_index custom cvar 0
g_campaign_name custom cvar Nexuiz25
g_campaign_skill custom cvar 0
g_campaignNexuiz25_index custom cvar 1
g_casings specifies which casings (0: none, 1: only shotgun casings, 2: shotgun and machine gun casings) are sent to the client 2
g_cdtracks_dontusebydefault list used by mapinfo system to automatically assign cdtracks - must be a subset of g_cdtracks_remaplist digital-pursuit thunder brokenlight
g_cdtracks_remaplist list used by mapinfo system to automatically assign cdtracks - must match the cd remap command digital-pursuit breakdown-easy brainsukker chaos-fog infight neuronal-diving subcities thru-the-mirror calling-bogus beast-of-insanity thunder brokenlight brokenlight stairs sixtyfour_ desert3 ninesix sixtyfour_revisited northern-lights
g_changeteam_banned not allowed to change team 0
g_changeteam_fragtransfer % of frags you get to keep when you change teams (rounded down) 0
g_chat_flood_burst normal chat: allow bursts of so many chat lines 2
g_chat_flood_burst_team team chat: allow bursts of so many chat lines 2
g_chat_flood_burst_tell team chat: allow bursts of so many chat lines 2
g_chat_flood_lmax normal chat: maximum number of lines per chat message at once 2
g_chat_flood_lmax_team team chat: maximum number of lines per chat message at once 2
g_chat_flood_lmax_tell team chat: maximum number of lines per chat message at once 2
g_chat_flood_notify_flooder when 0, the flooder still can see his own message 1
g_chat_flood_spl normal chat: seconds between lines to not count as flooding 3
g_chat_flood_spl_team team chat:seconds between lines to not count as flooding 1
g_chat_flood_spl_tell team chat:seconds between lines to not count as flooding 1
g_chat_nospectators if 0 spec/observer chat is always visible to the player, if 1 it is never visible to players, if 2 it is only visible to players during warmup stage 0
g_chat_teamcolors colorize nicknames in team color for chat 0
g_cloaked display all players mostly invisible 0
g_configversion Configuration file version (used to upgrade settings) 0: first run, or previous start was <2.4.1 Later, it's overridden by config.cfg, version ranges are defined in config_update.cfg 0
g_ctf Capture The Flag: take the enemy flag and bring it to yours at your base to score 0
g_ctf_allow_drop dropping allows circumventing carrierkill score, so enable this with care! 1
g_ctf_captimerecord_allow_assisted if enabled, assisted CTF records (with other players on the server) are recorded too 0
g_ctf_capture_limit CTF capture limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_ctf_dynamiclights custom cvar 0
g_ctf_flag_blue_model custom cvar models/ctf/flags.md3
g_ctf_flag_blue_skin custom cvar 1
g_ctf_flag_capture_effects custom cvar 1
g_ctf_flag_glowtrails custom cvar 0
g_ctf_flag_pickup_effects custom cvar 1
g_ctf_flag_red_model custom cvar models/ctf/flags.md3
g_ctf_flag_red_skin custom cvar 0
g_ctf_flag_returntime custom cvar 30
g_ctf_flagcarrier_selfdamage custom cvar 1
g_ctf_flagcarrier_selfforce custom cvar 1
g_ctf_flagpenalty_drop Team-Strafe für's Fallenlassen der Flagge (meistens durch Frag) 2
g_ctf_flagpenalty_returned Team-Strafe für's Zurückbringen der gegnerischen Flagge durch den Gegner 1
g_ctf_flagpenalty_suicidedrop Team-Strafe für's Fallenlassen der Flagge durch Selbstmord 2
g_ctf_flagscore_capture Team-Punkte für's Abliefern der gegnerischen Flagge in der eigenen Basis 28
g_ctf_flagscore_kill Team-Punkte für's Fraggen des gegnerischen Flaggenträgers 2
g_ctf_flagscore_pickup_base Team-Punkte für's Flagge aufnehmen in der gegnerischen Basis, default ist absichtlich negativ -3
g_ctf_flagscore_pickup_dropped_early Team-Punkte für frühes abwerfen/gefraggt werden mit der Flagge 2
g_ctf_flagscore_pickup_dropped_late Team-Punkte für spätes abwerfen/gefraggt werden mit der Flagge 2
g_ctf_flagscore_return Team-Punkte für das Zurückbringen der eigenen Flagge 5
g_ctf_flagscore_return_by_killer Team-Punkte für das Zurückbringen der Flagge und vorangegangenes Fraggendes Flaggenträgers 6
g_ctf_flagscore_return_rogue custom cvar 10
g_ctf_flagscore_return_rogue_by_killer custom cvar 10
g_ctf_fullbrightflags custom cvar 0
g_ctf_ignore_frags 1: regular frags give no points 0
g_ctf_personalpenalty_drop Punkteabzug für's Fallenlassen der Flagge 2
g_ctf_personalpenalty_returned Punkteabzug für's zulassen des Flagge zurückbringens durch den Gegner 1
g_ctf_personalpenalty_suicidedrop Punkteabzug für Selbstmord während man die Flagge trägt 2
g_ctf_personalscore_capture Punkte für's in die eigene Basis bringen der gegnerischen Flagge 28
g_ctf_personalscore_kill Punkte für's Fraggen eines Gegners 2
g_ctf_personalscore_pickup_base Punkte für's stehlen der gegnerischen Flagge in dessen Basis (default-Wert ist ein Punkteabzug, weil negativ) -3
g_ctf_personalscore_pickup_dropped_early Punkte für's herbeiführen eines gegnerischen Drops nach kurzer Zeit 2
g_ctf_personalscore_pickup_dropped_late Punkte für's herbeiführen eines gegnerischen Drops nach längerer Zeit 2
g_ctf_personalscore_return Punkte für's Zurückbringen der eigenen Flagge 5
g_ctf_personalscore_return_by_killer Punkte für's Zurückbringen der Flagge durch den Angreifer des Flaggenträgers 6
g_ctf_personalscore_return_rogue custom cvar 10
g_ctf_personalscore_return_rogue_by_killer custom cvar 10
g_ctf_respawn_delay custom cvar 0
g_ctf_respawn_waves custom cvar 0
g_ctf_reverse when 1, bases/flags are switched :P you have to capture your OWN flag by bringing it to the ENEMY's 0
g_ctf_shield_force push force of the shield 100
g_ctf_shield_max_ratio shield at most 0% of a team from the enemy flag (try: 0.4 for 40%) 0
g_ctf_shield_min_negscore shield the player from the flag if he's got -20 points or less 20
g_ctf_win_mode 0: captures only, 1: captures, then points, 2: points only 0
g_cts CTS: complete the stage 0
g_dm Deathmatch: killing any other player is one frag, player with most frags wins 1
g_dm_respawn_delay custom cvar 0
g_dm_respawn_waves custom cvar 0
g_dom_respawn_delay custom cvar 0
g_dom_respawn_waves custom cvar 0
g_domination Domination: capture and hold control points to gain points 0
g_domination_default_teams default number of teams for maps that aren't domination-specific 2
g_domination_disable_frags players can't get frags normally, only get points from kills 0
g_domination_point -1 lead_leadlimit
g_domination_point_amt override: how many points to get per ping 0
g_domination_point_capturetime how long it takes to capture a point (given no interference) 0.1
g_domination_point_fullbright domination point fullbright 0
g_domination_point_glow domination point glow (warning, slow) 0
g_domination_point_limit Domination point limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_domination_point_rate override: how often to give those points 0
g_footsteps serverside footstep sounds 0
g_forced_respawn if set to 1 and a player died, that player gets automatically respawned once seconds are over 0
g_friendlyfire for teamplay 4: fiendly fire factor 0.1
g_full_getstatus_responses this currently breaks qstat 0
g_fullbrightitems brightens up items 0
g_fullbrightplayers brightens up player models (note that the color, skin or model of the players does not change!) 0
g_grappling_hook let players spawn with the grappling hook which allows them to pull themselves up 0
g_grappling_hook_tarzan custom cvar 2
g_hitplots when set to 1, hitplots are stored by the server to provide a means of proving that a triggerbot was used 0
g_jetpack Jetpack mutator (uses the hook's button, can't coexist with the offhand hook, but only with the onhand one) 0
g_jetpack_acceleration_side acceleration of the jetpack in xy direction 1200
g_jetpack_acceleration_up acceleration of the jetpack in z direction (note: you have to factor in gravity here, if antigravity is not 1) 600
g_jetpack_antigravity factor of gravity compensation of the jetpack 0.8
g_jetpack_attenuation jetpack sound attenuation 2
g_jetpack_fuel fuel per second for jetpack 8
g_jetpack_maxspeed_side max speed of the jetpack in xy direction 1500
g_jetpack_maxspeed_up max speed of the jetpack in z direction 600
g_jump_grunt Do you make a grunting noise every time you jump? Is it the same grunting noise every time? 0
g_keyhunt Key Hunt: collect all keys from the enemies and bring them together to score 0
g_keyhunt_point_leadlimit Keyhunt point lead limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_keyhunt_point_limit Keyhunt point limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_keyhunt_teams custom cvar 0
g_keyhunt_teams_override custom cvar 0
g_laserguided_missile if set to 1 the rockets of the rocket launcher can be steered using a laserpointer 0
g_lms Last Man Standing: everyone starts with a certain amount of lives, and the survivor wins 0
g_lms_campcheck_damage custom cvar 100
g_lms_campcheck_distance custom cvar 1800
g_lms_campcheck_interval custom cvar 10
g_lms_campcheck_message custom cvar ^1Don't camp!
g_lms_join_anytime if true, new players can join, but get same amount of lives as the worst player 1
g_lms_last_join if g_lms_join_anytime is false, new players can only join if the worst active player has more than (fraglimit - g_lms_last_join) lives 3
g_lms_lives_override custom cvar -1
g_lms_regenerate custom cvar 0
g_lms_respawn_delay custom cvar 0
g_lms_respawn_waves custom cvar 0
g_lms_start_ammo_cells custom cvar 50
g_lms_start_ammo_fuel custom cvar 0
g_lms_start_ammo_nails custom cvar 150
g_lms_start_ammo_rockets custom cvar 50
g_lms_start_ammo_shells custom cvar 50
g_lms_start_armor custom cvar 100
g_lms_start_health custom cvar 250
g_mapinfo_settemp_acl ACL for mapinfo setting cvars +*
g_maplist custom cvar accident aggressor aneurysm basement basementctf bleach bloodprison bloodprisonctf bluesky cyberparcour01 darkzone desertfactory dieselpower downer eggandbacon evilspace farewell final_rage ons-reborn racetrack reslimed ruiner runningman runningman_1on1remix runningmanctf silvercity skyway slimepit soylent starship stormkeep strength toxic warfare
g_maplist_allow_frustrating allow impossible maps to be, e.g., voted for and in the maplist (if set to 2, ONLY impossible maps are allowed) 0
g_maplist_allow_hidden allow hidden maps to be, e.g., voted for and in the maplist 0
g_maplist_check_waypoints when 1, maps are skipped if there currently are bots, but the map has no waypoints 0
g_maplist_index this is used internally for saving position in maplist cycle 0
g_maplist_mostrecent contains the name of the maps that were most recently played
g_maplist_mostrecent_count number of most recent maps that are blocked from being played again 3
g_maplist_selectrandom if 1, a random map will be chosen as next map - DEPRECATED in favor of g_maplist_shuffle 0
g_maplist_shuffle new randomization method: like selectrandom, but avoid playing the same maps in short succession. This works by taking out the first element and inserting it into g_maplist with a bias to the end of the list 1
g_maplist_votable number of maps that are shown in the map voting at the end of a match 6
g_maplist_votable_abstain when 1, you can abstain from your vote 0
g_maplist_votable_keeptwotime custom cvar 15
g_maplist_votable_nodetail nodetail only shows total count instead of all vote counts per map, so votes don't influence others that much 1
g_maplist_votable_screenshot_dir where to look for map screenshots maps
g_maplist_votable_suggestions custom cvar 2
g_maplist_votable_suggestions_override_mostrecent custom cvar 0
g_maplist_votable_timeout timeout for the map voting; must be below 50 seconds! 30
g_maxplayers maximum number of players allowed to play at the same time, set to 0 to allow all players to join the game 0
g_maxplayers_spectator_blocktime if the players voted for the „nospectators“ command, this setting defines the number of seconds a observer/spectator has time to join the game before he gets kicked 5
g_maxpushtime timeout for kill credit when your damage knocks someone into a death trap 8.0
g_midair if set to 1 you can only apply damage to your opponent while he is airborne 0
g_midair_shieldtime number of seconds you are still invincible since you lost contact to the ground 0.3
g_minstagib enable minstagib 0
g_minstagib_ammo_drop how much ammo you'll get for weapons or cells 5
g_minstagib_ammo_start starting ammo 10
g_minstagib_extralives how many extra lives you will get per powerup 2
g_minstagib_invis_alpha custom cvar 0.15
g_minstagib_speed_jumpheight jump height multiplier that applies while you carry the invincibility powerup 1.8
g_minstagib_speed_moverate speed-multiplier that applies while you carry the invincibility powerup 1.25
g_mirrordamage for teamplay 4: mirror damage factor 0.3

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