Nexuiz cvars d bis f

cvar Funktion Default-Wert
deathmatch deathmatch mode, values depend on mod but typically 0 = no deathmatch, 1 = normal deathmatch with respawning weapons, 2 = weapons stay (players can only pick up new weapons) 1
deathmatch_force_teamplay Always play TDM instead of DM 0
demo_nehahra reads all quake demos as nehahra movie protocol 0
developer prints additional debugging messages and information (recommended for modders and level designers) 0
developer_entityparsing prints detailed network entities information each time a packet is received 0
developer_loadfile prints name and size of every file loaded via the FS_LoadFile function (which is almost everything) 0
developer_loading prints information about files as they are loaded or unloaded successfully 0
developer_memory prints debugging information about memory allocations 0
developer_memorydebug enables memory corruption checks (very slow) 0
developer_networkentities prints received entities, value is 0-4 (higher for more info) 0
developer_networking prints all received and sent packets (recommended only for debugging) 0
developer_texturelogging produces a textures.log file containing names of skins and map textures the engine tried to load 0
edgefriction how much you slow down when nearing a ledge you might fall off, multiplier of sv_friction (Quake used 2, QuakeWorld used 1 due to a bug in physics code) 1
ekg Throw huge amounts of gibs 0
forceqmenu enables the quake menu instead of the quakec menu.dat (if present) 0
fov field of vision, 1-170 degrees, default 90, some players use 110-130 90
fraglimit ends level if this many frags is reached by any player 0
fraglimit_override Frag limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
freelook mouse controls pitch instead of forward/back 1
fs_empty_files_in_pack_mark_deletions if enabled, empty files in a pak/pk3 count as not existing but cancel the search in further packs, effectively allowing patch pak/pk3 files to 'delete' files 1
fs_gamedir the list of currently selected gamedirs (use the 'gamedir' command to change this)

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