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World Opponent Network (WON)

WON was a network similar to Steam, mostly used for games by the publisher Sierra Entertainment, which allowed to play computer games online. Games like Star Trek: Armada, Half-Life, Counter-Strike or Ground Control required to login into the network, requiring a user account for each player, in order to play internet games. 2004 it was shut down, which made online play for WON lobby based games impossible. Today these games can be played online again, by using replacement software, e. g. Gameranger. The latter is comparable to GameSpy, which was essential for another group of internet playable computer games. Later some of the former WON games were reestablished on the Steam platform. Some are supported by the community via WON2. For instance, there is the Steamless CS Project. It goal is to make online play including lobby search for open games possible for Counter-Strike, without having to rely on Steam. To make this possible, there's also a replacement WON server running, the so-called WON2 server. There is also a more generalized effort made, to reestablish those old games by the NuWon Project.

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