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Sins of a Solar Empire



Multiplayer Information

  • Internet play: no
  • LAN play: yes
  • Lobby search: yes
  • Direct IP: no
  • Play via GameRanger: untested
  • Coop: untested
  • Singleplayer campaign: yes
  • Hotseat: no

Sins of a Solar Empire is a realtime strategy game from 2008, developed by Iron Clad Games and published by Kalypso Media in Europe and Stardock in the US. It is set in a space simulation like environment. You can control starships, do research and build up planetary infrastructure. This game should not be confused with the very similar successor Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Both feature a very similar game play.


The game comes via a DVD. Simply install it and use the DVD key. It does not require any crack, as there is no DVD check. Only a valid DVD key is required.


At some point the game seemingly used to have an internet multiplayer. At least with version 1.5 today, there is only a LAN multiplayer.

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