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Worms 2


Multiplayer Information

  • Internet play: no
  • LAN play: nominally yes
  • Lobby search: yes
  • Direct IP: yes
  • Play via GameRanger: reportedly
  • Coop: yes
  • Singleplayer campaign: yes
  • Hotseat: yes

As part of the Worms series, Worms 2 is the second game to bear the name. Compared to its predecessor, it's much more mature, but doesn't yet shine with everyday features like adjustable screen resolution. In the singleplayer this game was a lot of fun for me. One of the reasons is that you can turn up all the weapons. The target attack (the one next to the air strike), for example, is just fucking awesome, but already kicked out in Worms World Party.


The game is now available at GOG, but then please refer to the Network section.


Win 9x/ME

In principle quite simple: Install, if necessary crack over it, ready. The crack can also be omitted if you can live with having to insert the CD or the image at all times.

Win 7

The classic installation from Image has some pitfalls under Win 7. Everything works fine with the CD, but you probably don't want to have it inserted all the time. First of all you can install the game via Daemontools, but you can't play without crack. Because he looks for the CD on the first drive. This is usually the real drive, not the image drive. Of course he can't find it there and refuses to start it. Now one could still play with the drive letters, i.e. set the image drive as the first drive, which is also useless. If you try to start a round from the image drive, the game simply crashes. So you have no choice but to install and play the game from burned CD(-RW) (then you also have the music), or use the crack (but then you have no music). Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Perform installation as usual, but install fully
  2. Copy the folder content of DATA from the CD/image into the data directory of the Worms installation.
  3. Get the crack and unpack it
  4. Open the *.reg file. This entry must be applied once again for every user who wants to play the game under his account. So it is best to leave the file in the game directory so that others can use it.
  5. Copy frontend.exe from the crack folder into the game directory.

With the GOG version it works without Cracks & Co., but then also without network multiplayer. And it's only available in English.


As I said before, you can't change the resolution of the game. It always has 1024×768. If you don't want to see this as distorted on widescreen monitors, you may have to set the appropriate settings in the graphics driver settings or on the monitor so that 4:3 images are also displayed as 4:3, with black edges.

However, the colors under Win 7 are not correct in a few places. The problem and the solution is described on the page Explorer Hack. The game binary that should be started is frontend.exe.


Actually, the original Worms 2 has a network mode. In tests with two Windows 98 SE computers, the identical installations did not find each other in the LAN. The GOG version is even worse. With this version the LAN mode was simply deleted altogether, so that only Hotseat is still possible.

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