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Need for Speed - Underground 2


Multiplayer Information

  • Internet play: untested
  • LAN play: yes
  • Lobby search: untested
  • Direct IP: yes
  • Play via GameRanger: reportedly
  • Coop: no
  • Singleplayer campaign: yes
  • Hotseat: Split Screen

This game is about driving illegal races and upgrading your car in the process. You have to be successful in your career to get money. A new “Free Ride” mode has been added, in which you can now move freely on over 200 km of track through the fictional city of Bayview, which is divided into five sections. The individual sections will be unlocked during the game. As in the direct predecessor Underground, all races take place at night, explaining why there is no police to track the player during illegal races. Four new race types have been introduced (Outrun, StreetX, URL (Underground Racing League), Downhill Drift), the number of tuning parts doubled, 14 cars added and performance tuning deepened.


In addition to the improved online mode for up to six players, the LAN mode for multiplayer games requested by the fans is now available again. In the meantime, Electronic Arts has taken the servers for the PC Online Multiplayer and Xbox Live offline.

For Internet gaming, the following ports must be forwarded by the router: 3658 & 3659 (UDP).

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