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Jazz Jackrabbit 2



Multiplayer Information

  • Internet play: yes
  • LAN play: yes
  • Lobby search: untested
  • Direct IP: untested
  • Play via GameRanger: no
  • Coop: yes
  • Singleplayer campaign: yes
  • Hotseat: Split Screen

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was developed by Epic Games in 1998 and continues the first part of Jazz Jackrabbit. You steer a rabbit through different levels, in the style of a platform jump'n'run game. As a new feature there are several characters to choose from, with which you can complete the levels. A multiplayer is also integrated, both split screen and over the network. The game also comes with a level editor that you can use to create your own levels.



There are several versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, some with varying sizes. The shareware versions are generally reduced in functionality. But you can get a good impression of the game with it.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Holiday Hare '98

This (Christmas) version was released as an expansion only in Northern America. It contains three singleplayer levels, a new boss and new multiplayer levels.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - The Secret Files

This (Easter) version was released on March 15, 1999 for the PC, but only in Europe and it is basically an addon for Jazz Jackrabbit 2. A new character “Lori” was introduced, Jazz' sister. In addition there is another episode with the title “The Secret Files”. It contains three different zones, each with three levels.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - The Christmas Chronicles

This (Christmas) edition is an improved version of Holiday Hare '98, also with Lori as character. Since the publisher, Project 2, went bankrupt, the game was not released for a while. Only in 2000 it was released in Poland. There is also a limited European release, which followed a short time later.

Latest Version

Version 1.23 corresponds to the last manufacturer version of the basic game. The Secret Files Edition brings the game up to version 1.24. It is generally recommended to use the Secret Files Edition instead of the normal one. However, there is a inofficial patch which adds some more stuff.


Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is still available at online retailers, e. g. via Amazon. In any case, it's worth taking a look at online auction houses such as Ebay. There, however, the game is still sold for prices around 10 €. The game is currently (2016-07-25) not distributed via Steam and GOG.


In principle you only have to use the installer from the CD and install the patches if necessary. They will find the installation location in the registry. The add-on logically after the basic game, even if it can be played standalone in principle. Patching without correct installation is no longer possible with manually copied game folders. So before backing up the game folder, apply the patches if you want to back up this version. A crack is not necessary anyway. The game has no copy protection, so you can save the installer without image and keep the CD safe. The extension Secret Files must be installed in the same folder as Jazz Jackrabbit to see all levels under one surface. Otherwise you have two different games with different levels. A clean deinstallation and of course use of the previously installed version is no longer possible this way. However, you can install and remove the version without extensions one more time. After that the game is no longer present in the start menu. The game can be used up to Win 7 x64. Whether the game runs on newer Windows versions still has to be tested.


In addition to freely assigning various functions to the keys, you can also adjust the volume of sounds and music and change the resolution. The latter is limited to a maximum of 640×480 with 16 bit colors.

Game modes

  • Split-Screen: Not really a game mode like CTF. In this mode up to four players can play the other modes on the same PC. If you still connect to a server in this way, up to 8 computers can participate a total of 32 players in a game.
  • Cooperative: You complete the single-player campaigns together.
  • Battle: Battle is basically a Deathmatch mode.
  • Race: The first player to complete all the rounds wins the game.
  • Treasure hunt: The first to find 100 diamonds and finish the level wins the game.
  • Capture the Flag: The classic CTF game, as also known in other games.



The multiplayer via the network runs either via IPv4 or IPX. TCP is also possible online. Otherwise you have to be either in the LAN or in a common VPN. With the unofficial patch it should be possible to play online. However, this requires the installation of the original patch or an extension. However, this is still untested. The ports for forwarding are 10052-10054 TCP and 10052 UDP. However, the standard master server is no longer operated by Epic Games. Instead you have to update the game with the unofficial patch.


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