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 ====== Call of Duty ====== ====== Call of Duty ======
-{{page>:​games:​images:​Call of Duty&​nofooter&​noeditbutton}} +Call of Duty, or CoD, is a first person ​shooter ​series, which started ​with the game of the same titleIt is published by [[Activision]] and has several ​different ​settings, in which their story playsIt includes ​the following titles:
-===== Info ===== +
-Call of Duty is a tactical ​shooter ​that deals with the topic of the World War II. You can play in the single player missions one after the other on the sides of the Americans, Britons, and Russians, in the multiplayer also the Germans. +
-===== Installation ===== +
-The triad: Install, patch, if necessary copy single player crack over. The game has a copy protection (Safedisc). So without crack you need the emulation ​of the copy protection turned on in Daemon ToolsWorks well at least with Clone CD images. However, a crack is only necessary for the single player. The multiplayer is fully based on a valid CD key and therefore doesn'​t need a crack. +
-===== Graphics ===== +
-CoD is based on the Quake 3 Arena Engine, so wide screen resolutions can be set via [[Q3A graphics hack]] in the config file ''​config.cfg''​ (for the single player) ​and ''​config_mp.cfg''​ for the multiplayer. +
-===== Bots ===== +
-CoD doesn'​t have bots by default. But there are bots in the form of "ZZZ Bots" (or whatever they are called). The problem with these special bots is that, even for bots on a scale of their own, they are utterly stupid. They just stand there and shoot straight ahead, sometimes they walk a few meters, but essentially they are actually just targets. That might be nice if you want to practice handling sniper weapons on simpler targets, but as a substitute for real players they don't do much good. At best, when you're all alone and no one else is watching you. However, having fun looks different. And they'​re definitely not good for a co-op replacement. You have more fun against each other. The installation is very simple: +
-  - place ''​zzz_bots.pk3''​ in folder ''​Main''​ (in CoD folder) +
-  - edit ''​config_mp.cfg'':​ create lines with ''<​nowiki>​seta scr_numbots "​10"</​nowiki>''​entering the desired number of bots instead of the ''​10''​ +
-  - Open a multiplayer match auf machen. After a short moment the bots should be added. +
-===== Network ===== +
-In principle, the game also works in the LANHowever, it has been shown in the past that there is a small bug that lets you spawn without a weapon. Of course this is very funny in a shooting game... +
-===== Weblinks ===== +
-  * [[http://​​community/​]]+
-[[gamesdatenbank|Back to the games database]]+^  Name  ^  Release ​ ^ 
 +| [[Call of Duty 1|Call of Duty]] | 29.10.2003 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Finest Hour|Call of Duty: Finest Hour]] | 2.12.2004 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty 2|Call of Duty 2]] | 25.10.2005 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty 2 - Big Red One|Call of Duty 2: Big Red One]] | 1.11.2005 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty 3|Call of Duty 3]] | 7.11.2006 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Roads to Victory|Call of Duty: Roads to Victory]] | 23.3.2007 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare|Call of Duty Modern Warfare]] | 8.11.2007 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - World at War|Call of Duty: World at War]] | 11.11.2008 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Black Ops|Call of Duty: Black Ops]] | 9.11.2010 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3|Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3]] | 8.11.2011 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Black Ops II|Call of Duty: Black Ops II]] | 13.11.2012 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Ghosts|Call of Duty: Ghosts]] | 5.11.2013 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare|Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare]] | 4.11.2014 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Black Ops 3|Call of Duty: Black Ops 3]] | 6.11.2015 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare|Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare]] | 4.11.2016 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - WWII|Call of Duty: WWII]] | 3.11.2017 | 
 +| [[Call of Duty - Black Ops 4|Call of Duty: Black Ops 4]] | 12.10.2018 | 
 +====== Weblinks ====== 
 +  * [[https://​​]] 
 +[[Games Database|Back to the Games Database]]
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