Nexuiz cvars g Teil 2

cvar Funktion Default-Wert
g_nexball Nexball: Basketball and Soccer go Nexuiz 0
g_nexball_basketball_bouncefactor velocity loss when the ball bounces 0.6
g_nexball_basketball_bouncestop speed at which the ball stops when it hits the ground (multiplied by sv_gravity) 75
g_nexball_basketball_carrier_speed speed multiplier for the ballcarrier 0.9
g_nexball_basketball_delay_hold time before a player who caught the ball loses it (anti-ballcamp) 20
g_nexball_basketball_delay_hold_forteam time before a ball reset when a team holds the ball for too long 60
g_nexball_basketball_effects_default default: dim light. The original version used 1024 (fire) but it gives bad performance 8
g_nexball_basketball_meter use the power meter for basketball 1
g_nexball_basketball_meter_maxpower maximal multiplier to the launching speed when using the power meter 1.2
g_nexball_basketball_meter_minpower minimal multiplier to the launching speed when using the power meter 0.5
g_nexball_basketball_teamsteal 1 to allow players to steal from teammates, 0 to disallow 1
g_nexball_basketball_trail 1 to leave a trail 1
g_nexball_delay_collect time before the same player can catch the ball he launched 0.5
g_nexball_delay_goal delay between a goal and a ball reset 3
g_nexball_delay_idle maximal idle time before a reset 10
g_nexball_delay_start time the ball stands on its spawn before being released 3
g_nexball_football_boost_forward forward velocity boost when the ball is touched 100
g_nexball_football_boost_up vertical velocity boost when the ball is touched 200
g_nexball_football_bouncefactor velocity loss when the ball bounces 0.6
g_nexball_football_bouncestop speed at which the ball stops when it hits the ground (multiplied by sv_gravity) 75
g_nexball_football_physics 0: Revenant's original movement, 1: 0 but half independant of aiming height, 2: 1 fully independant, -1: first recode try 2
g_nexball_football_trail 1 to leave a trail 0
g_nexball_goalleadlimit Nexball goal lead limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_nexball_goallimit Nexball goal limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_nexball_meter_period time to make a full cycle on the power meter 1
g_nexball_radar_showallplayers 1: show every player and the ball on the radar 0: only show teammates and the ball on the radar 1
g_nexball_sound_bounce bouncing sound (0: off) 1
g_nexball_trail_color 1-256 for different colors (Quake palette, 254 is white) 254
g_nexuizversion Nexuiz version (formatted for humans) 2.5svn
g_nick_flood_penalty duration of the nick flood penalty 0.5
g_nick_flood_penalty_red number of changes to allow before totally disorienting the player 30
g_nick_flood_penalty_yellow number of changes to allow before warning and movement blocking 3
g_nick_flood_timeout time after which nick flood protection resets (set to 0 to disable nick flood checking) 120
g_nixnex No Items Nexuiz - instead of pickup items, everyone plays with the same weapon. After some time, a countdown will start, after which everyone will switch to another weapon, and so on 0
g_nixnex_with_laser always carry the laser as an additional weapon in NixNex 0
g_norecoil if set to 1 shooting weapons won't make you crosshair to move upwards (recoil) 0
g_onslaught Onslaught: take control points towards the enemy generator and then destroy it 0
g_onslaught_cp_buildhealth custom cvar 100
g_onslaught_cp_buildtime custom cvar 10
g_onslaught_cp_health custom cvar 1000
g_onslaught_cp_regen custom cvar 20
g_onslaught_gen_health custom cvar 5000
g_pickup_armorbig custom cvar 50
g_pickup_armorbig_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_armorlarge custom cvar 100
g_pickup_armorlarge_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_armormedium custom cvar 25
g_pickup_armormedium_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_armorsmall custom cvar 5
g_pickup_armorsmall_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_cells custom cvar 25
g_pickup_cells_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_fuel custom cvar 25
g_pickup_fuel_jetpack custom cvar 50
g_pickup_fuel_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_healthlarge custom cvar 50
g_pickup_healthlarge_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_healthmedium custom cvar 25
g_pickup_healthmedium_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_healthmega custom cvar 100
g_pickup_healthmega_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_healthsmall custom cvar 5
g_pickup_healthsmall_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_items if set to 0 all items (health, armor, ammo, weapons…) are removed from the map 1
g_pickup_nails custom cvar 80
g_pickup_nails_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_respawntime_ammo custom cvar 15
g_pickup_respawntime_long custom cvar 30
g_pickup_respawntime_medium custom cvar 20
g_pickup_respawntime_powerup custom cvar 120
g_pickup_respawntime_short custom cvar 15
g_pickup_respawntime_weapon custom cvar 15
g_pickup_respawntimejitter_ammo custom cvar 0
g_pickup_respawntimejitter_long custom cvar 0
g_pickup_respawntimejitter_medium custom cvar 0
g_pickup_respawntimejitter_powerup custom cvar 10
g_pickup_respawntimejitter_short custom cvar 0
g_pickup_respawntimejitter_weapon custom cvar 0
g_pickup_rockets custom cvar 15
g_pickup_rockets_max custom cvar 999
g_pickup_shells custom cvar 15
g_pickup_shells_max custom cvar 999
g_pinata if set to 1 you will not only drop your current weapon when you are killed, but you will drop all weapons that you possessed 0
g_player_alpha custom cvar 1
g_player_brightness set to 2 for brighter players 0
g_powerup_shield if set to 0 the shield (invincibility) powerup will not spawn on the map 1
g_powerup_strength if set to 0 the strength powerup will not spawn on the map 1
g_powerup_superhealth if set to 0 the mega health powerup will not spawn on the map 1
g_projectiles_newton_style custom cvar 2
g_race Race: be faster than your opponents 0
g_race_laps_limit Race laps limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_race_qualifying_timelimit custom cvar 0
g_race_qualifying_timelimit_override custom cvar -1
g_race_teams when 2, 3, or 4, the race is played as a team game (the team members can add up their laps) 0
g_respawn_delay number of seconds you have to wait before you can respawn again 2
g_respawn_mapsettings custom cvar 1
g_respawn_waves custom cvar 0
g_rune_respawn_delay custom cvar 0
g_rune_respawn_waves custom cvar 0
g_runematch Runematch: pick up and hold the runes, special items that give you points, a special power (rune) and a disadvantage (curse) 0
g_runematch_allow_same allow matching rune-curse pairs 0
g_runematch_drop_runes_max only drop up to 2 runes, the rest should respawn 2
g_runematch_fixedspawns use fixed runematch spawns if available 1
g_runematch_frags_killed_runeholder custom cvar 5
g_runematch_frags_killedby_runeholder custom cvar 4
g_runematch_frags_norune custom cvar 0
g_runematch_point_leadlimit Runematch point lead limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_runematch_point_limit Runematch point limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
g_runematch_pointamt custom cvar 1
g_runematch_pointrate custom cvar 5
g_runematch_respawntime how soon after being dropped to respawn 15
g_runematch_rune_alpha custom cvar 0.78
g_runematch_rune_color_strength custom cvar 1.0
g_runematch_rune_effects EF_ADDITIVE + EF_FULLBRIGHT = 544 544
g_runematch_rune_glow_color custom cvar 0
g_runematch_rune_glow_size custom cvar 0
g_runematch_shuffletime how often runes change position 30
g_shootfromcenter weapon gets moved to the center, shots still come from the barrel of your weapon 0
g_shootfromclient let client decide if it has the gun left, center or right (WARNING: cheating potential) 0
g_shootfromeye shots are fired from your eye/crosshair 0
g_shootfromfixedorigin if set to a string like 0 y z, the gun is moved to the given y and z coordinates. If set to a string like x y z, the whole shot origin is used
g_showweaponspawns 1: display sprites for weapon spawns found on the map when a weapon key is pressed and the weapon is not available 0
g_spawn_furthest custom cvar 0.5
g_spawnpoints_auto_move_out_of_solid if set to 1 you will see a warning if a spawn point was placed inside a solid 0
g_spawnpoints_autodrop if set to 1, automatically drop spawn point locations if they were placed too high 0
g_spawnshieldtime number of seconds you are invincible after you spawned, this shield is lost after you fire 0
g_spawnsound set to 0 if you don't want to hear the spawn sound when a player spawns 1
g_start_ammo_cells custom cvar 0
g_start_ammo_fuel custom cvar 0
g_start_ammo_nails custom cvar 0
g_start_ammo_rockets custom cvar 0
g_start_ammo_shells custom cvar 40
g_start_delay delay before the game starts, so everyone can join; recommended to set this to like 15 on a public server 0
g_start_weapon_campingrifle 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_crylink 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_electro 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_grenadelauncher 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_hagar 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_hlac 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_hook 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_laser 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_minstanex 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_nex 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_porto 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_rocketlauncher 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_shotgun 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_tuba 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_start_weapon_uzi 0 = never provide the weapon, 1 = always provide the weapon, -1 = game mode default -1
g_tdm Team Deathmatch: the team who kills their opponents most often wins 0
g_tdm_respawn_delay custom cvar 0
g_tdm_respawn_waves custom cvar 0
g_tdm_teams how many teams are in team deathmatch (set by mapinfo) 2
g_tdm_teams_override how many teams are in team deathmatch 0
g_teamdamage_resetspeed for teamplay 4: how fast player's teamdamage count decreases 30
g_teamdamage_threshold for teamplay 4: threshold over which to apply mirror damage 50
g_telefrags custom cvar 1
g_throughfloor set to 0 to disable damage through floor 1
g_touchexplode custom cvar 0
g_touchexplode_damage custom cvar 10
g_touchexplode_edgedamage custom cvar 0
g_touchexplode_force custom cvar 150
g_touchexplode_radius custom cvar 50
g_turrets custom cvar 1
g_turrets_aimidle_delay custom cvar 5
g_turrets_nofire custom cvar 0
g_turrets_reloadcvars custom cvar 0
g_turrets_targetscan_maxdelay custom cvar 1
g_turrets_targetscan_mindelay custom cvar 0.1
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_speed_fast custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_speed_slow custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_speed_slower custom cvar 50
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_speed_stop custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 45
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 20
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_aim_speed custom cvar 90
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_ammo custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_ammo_max custom cvar 4000
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 50
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_health custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_respawntime custom cvar 30
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 20
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_shot_force custom cvar 50
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_shot_radius custom cvar 50
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_shot_refire custom cvar 0.1
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_shot_speed custom cvar 3000
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_shot_spread custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_shot_volly custom cvar 2
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_range custom cvar 5000
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_range_min custom cvar 0.1
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 900
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 2
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_std_track_type custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_ewheel_turnrate custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 35
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_aim_speed custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_ammo custom cvar 400
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_ammo_max custom cvar 1000
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_health custom cvar 700
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_respawntime custom cvar 90
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 20
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_shot_force custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_shot_radius custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_shot_refire custom cvar 0.1
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_shot_speed custom cvar 2000
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_shot_spread custom cvar 0.02
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_shot_volly custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_target_range custom cvar 4000
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_target_range_min custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 1250
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_track_accel_pitch custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_track_accel_rot custom cvar 0.8
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_track_blendrate custom cvar 0.6
g_turrets_unit_flac_std_track_type custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_ammo custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_ammo_max custom cvar 300
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_health custom cvar 700
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_respawntime custom cvar 90
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_shot_refire custom cvar 0.1
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_shot_speed custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_target_range custom cvar 1024
g_turrets_unit_fusreac_std_target_range_min custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 20
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_aim_speed custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_ammo custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_ammo_max custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 50
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_health custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_respawntime custom cvar 90
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 50
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_force custom cvar 250
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_radius custom cvar 80
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_refire custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_speed custom cvar 650
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_speed_gain custom cvar 1.01
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_speed_max custom cvar 4000
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_spread custom cvar 0.08
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_volly custom cvar 2
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 4
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_target_range custom cvar 6000
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_target_range_min custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 4500
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.01
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.7
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 0.01
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_track_accel_pitch custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_track_accel_rot custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_track_blendrate custom cvar 0.75
g_turrets_unit_hellion_std_track_type custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 20
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_aim_speed custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_ammo custom cvar 120
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_ammo_max custom cvar 240
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 16
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_health custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_respawntime custom cvar 90
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 120
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_force custom cvar 600
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_radius custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_refire custom cvar 5
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_speed custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_speed_accel custom cvar 1025
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_speed_accel2 custom cvar 1.05
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_speed_decel custom cvar 0.9
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_speed_max custom cvar 1000
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_speed_turnrate custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_spread custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_volly custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_target_range custom cvar 6000
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_target_range_min custom cvar 220
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 5000
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.1
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 0.01
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_track_accel_pitch custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_track_accel_rot custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_track_blendrate custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_hk_std_track_type custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 70
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_aim_speed custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_ammo custom cvar 300
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_ammo_max custom cvar 1500
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 75
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_health custom cvar 256
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_respawntime custom cvar 60
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 10
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_shot_force custom cvar 20
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_shot_radius custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_shot_refire custom cvar 0.1
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_shot_speed custom cvar 34920
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_shot_spread custom cvar 15
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_shot_volly custom cvar 6
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_target_range custom cvar 4500
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_target_range_min custom cvar 2
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 1000
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_track_accel_pitch custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_track_accel_rot custom cvar 0.8
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_track_blendrate custom cvar 0.3
g_turrets_unit_machinegun_std_track_type custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 125
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 15
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_aim_speed custom cvar 125
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_ammo custom cvar 420
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_ammo_max custom cvar 420
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 35
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_health custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_respawntime custom cvar 60
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 70
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_shot_force custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_shot_radius custom cvar 125
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_shot_refire custom cvar 0.2
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_shot_speed custom cvar 2000
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_shot_spread custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_shot_volly custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 2.5
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_target_range custom cvar 3000
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_target_range_min custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_track_accel_pitch custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_track_accel_rot custom cvar 0.8
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_track_blendrate custom cvar 0.3
g_turrets_unit_mlrs_std_track_type custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 30
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_aim_speed custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_ammo custom cvar 1000
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_ammo_max custom cvar 2000
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_health custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_respawntime custom cvar 90
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_shot_force custom cvar 5
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_shot_radius custom cvar 8
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_shot_refire custom cvar 4
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_shot_speed custom cvar 4
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_shot_spread custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_shot_volly custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 5
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_target_range custom cvar 3000
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_target_range_min custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 1500
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.85
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_track_accel_pitch custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_track_accel_rot custom cvar 0.9
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_track_blendrate custom cvar 0.1
g_turrets_unit_phaser_std_track_type custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 300
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 30
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_aim_maxrot custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_aim_speed custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_ammo custom cvar 320
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_ammo_max custom cvar 640
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_ammo_recharge custom cvar 40
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_health custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_respawntime custom cvar 60
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_shot_dmg custom cvar 80
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_shot_force custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_shot_radius custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_shot_refire custom cvar 0.35
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_shot_speed custom cvar 2000
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_shot_spread custom cvar 15
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_shot_volly custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_target_range custom cvar 3000
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_target_range_min custom cvar 80
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_target_range_optimal custom cvar 1000
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.4
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.2
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_target_select_samebias custom cvar 0.4
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_track_accel_pitch custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_track_accel_rot custom cvar 0.8
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_track_blendrate custom cvar 0.4
g_turrets_unit_plasma_dual_track_type custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 30
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 360
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_aim_speed custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_ammo custom cvar 320
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_ammo_max custom cvar 640
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 40
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_health custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_respawntime custom cvar 60
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 80
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_shot_force custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_shot_radius custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_shot_refire custom cvar 0.6
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_shot_speed custom cvar 2000
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_shot_spread custom cvar 15
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_shot_volly custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_target_range custom cvar 3500
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_target_range_min custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 0.01
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_track_accel_pitch custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_track_accel_rot custom cvar 0.8
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_track_blendrate custom cvar 0.4
g_turrets_unit_plasma_std_track_type custom cvar 3
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_ammo custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_ammo_max custom cvar 1000
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 15
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_health custom cvar 1000
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_respawntime custom cvar 120
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_shot_force custom cvar 400
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_shot_refire custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_shot_volly custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 2.5
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_target_range custom cvar 1000
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_target_range_min custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_tesla_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_walker_speed_jump custom cvar 800
g_turrets_unit_walker_speed_roam custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_walker_speed_run custom cvar 300
g_turrets_unit_walker_speed_stop custom cvar 90
g_turrets_unit_walker_speed_swim custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_walker_speed_walk custom cvar 200
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_aim_firetolerance_dist custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_aim_maxpitch custom cvar 15
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_aim_maxrot custom cvar 90
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_aim_speed custom cvar 45
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_ammo custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_ammo_max custom cvar 4000
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_ammo_recharge custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_health custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_meele_dmg custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_meele_force custom cvar 600
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_meele_range custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_respawntime custom cvar 60
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_rocket_dmg custom cvar 50
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_rocket_force custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_rocket_radius custom cvar 150
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_rocket_refire custom cvar 10
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_rocket_speed custom cvar 900
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_rocket_tunrate custom cvar 0.4
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_rockets_range custom cvar 4000
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_rockets_range_min custom cvar 500
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_shot_dmg custom cvar 5
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_shot_force custom cvar 10
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_shot_radius custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_shot_refire custom cvar 0.05
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_shot_speed custom cvar 18000
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_shot_spread custom cvar 25
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_shot_volly custom cvar 10
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_shot_volly_refire custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_target_range custom cvar 5000
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_target_range_min custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_target_range_optimal custom cvar 100
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_target_select_anglebias custom cvar 0.5
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_target_select_missilebias custom cvar 0
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_target_select_playerbias custom cvar 1
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_target_select_rangebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_target_select_samebias custom cvar 0.25
g_turrets_unit_walker_std_track_type custom cvar 1
g_use_ammunition if set to 0 all weapons you pick up have unlimited ammunition 1
g_vampire set to 1 to enable the vampire mode, where the damage done to your opponent gets added to your own health 0
g_voice_flood_spv normal voices: seconds between voices to not count as flooding 4
g_voice_flood_spv_team team voices: seconds between voices to not count as flooding 2
g_warmup split the game into a warmup- and match-stage when set to 1 0
g_warmup_allguns if set players start with all guns in warmup mode 0
g_warmup_allow_timeout if set to 0 you cannot use the calltimeout command during the warmup-stage but only during the match stage 0
g_warmup_limit if set to -1 the warmup-stage is not affected by any timelimit, if set to 0 the usual timelimit also affects warmup-stage, otherwise warmup will be limited to this time in SECONDS (useful for public matches) 60
g_warmup_start_ammo_cells starting values when being in warmup-stage 50
g_warmup_start_ammo_fuel starting values when being in warmup-stage 0
g_warmup_start_ammo_nails starting values when being in warmup-stage 150
g_warmup_start_ammo_rockets starting values when being in warmup-stage 50
g_warmup_start_ammo_shells starting values when being in warmup-stage 50
g_warmup_start_armor starting values when being in warmup-stage 100
g_warmup_start_health starting values when being in warmup-stage 250
g_waypointeditor custom cvar 0
g_waypoints_for_items make waypoints out of items, values: 0 = never, 1 = unless the mapper prevents it by worldspawn.spawnflags & 1, 2 = always 1
g_waypointsprite_deadlifetime custom cvar 1
g_waypointsprite_deployed_lifetime custom cvar 10
g_waypointsprite_distancealphaexponent custom cvar 2
g_waypointsprite_limitedrange custom cvar 5120
g_waypointsprite_minalpha custom cvar 0.4
g_waypointsprite_minscale custom cvar 1
g_waypointsprite_normdistance custom cvar 512
g_waypointsprite_scale custom cvar 1
g_waypointsprite_stuffbinds custom cvar 0
g_waypointsprite_timealphaexponent custom cvar 1
g_weapon_stay if set to 1 or 2, weapons stay after they were picked up (1: weapons you don't have yet give you ammo of their type, 2: weapons don't give ammo, but instead players start with one pickup-load of ammo by default) 0
g_weaponarena put in a list of weapons to enable a weapon arena mode, or try „all“ or „most“ 0
g_weapondamagefactor weapon damage multiplier 1
g_weaponforcefactor weapon force multiplier 1
g_weaponratefactor weapon fire rate multiplier 1
g_weaponreplace_campingrifle custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_crylink custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_electro custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_grenadelauncher custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_hagar custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_hlac custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_hook custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_laser custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_minstanex custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_nex custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_porto custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_rocketlauncher custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_shotgun custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_tuba custom cvar
g_weaponreplace_uzi custom cvar
g_weaponspeedfactor weapon projectile speed multiplier 1
gamecfg unused cvar in quake, can be used by mods 1
gameversion version of game data (mod-specific) to be sent to querying clients 20000
gameversion_max maximum version of game data (mod-specific), when client and server gameversion mismatch in the server browser the server is shown as incompatible; if -1, gameversion is used alone 20699
gameversion_min minimum version of game data (mod-specific), when client and server gameversion mismatch in the server browser the server is shown as incompatible; if -1, gameversion is used alone 20000
gl_combine faster rendering by using GL_ARB_texture_env_combine extension (part of OpenGL 1.3 and above) 1
gl_dither enables OpenGL dithering (16bit looks bad with this off) 1
gl_ext_separatestencil make use of OpenGL 2.0 glStencilOpSeparate or GL_ATI_separate_stencil extension 1
gl_ext_stenciltwoside make use of GL_EXT_stenciltwoside extension (NVIDIA only) 1
gl_finish make the cpu wait for the graphics processor at the end of each rendered frame (can help with strange input or video lag problems on some machines) 0
gl_flashblend render bright coronas for dynamic lights instead of actual lighting, fast but ugly 0
gl_lightmaps draws only lightmaps, no texture (for level designers) 0
gl_lockarrays enables use of glLockArraysEXT, may cause glitches with some broken drivers, and may be slower than normal 0
gl_lockarrays_minimumvertices minimum number of vertices required for use of glLockArraysEXT, setting this too low may reduce performance 1
gl_max_size maximum allowed texture size, can be used to reduce video memory usage, note: this is automatically reduced to match video card capabilities (such as 256 on 3Dfx cards before Voodoo4/5) 2048
gl_mesh_drawrangeelements use glDrawRangeElements function if available instead of glDrawElements (for performance comparisons or bug testing) 1
gl_mesh_prefer_short_elements use GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT element arrays instead of GL_UNSIGNED_INT 1
gl_mesh_testarrayelement use glBegin(GL_TRIANGLES);glArrayElement();glEnd(); primitives instead of glDrawElements (useful to test for driver bugs with glDrawElements) 0
gl_mesh_testmanualfeeding use glBegin(GL_TRIANGLES);glTexCoord2f();glVertex3f();glEnd(); primitives instead of glDrawElements (useful to test for driver bugs with glDrawElements) 0
gl_paranoid enables OpenGL error checking and other tests 0
gl_picmip reduces resolution of textures by powers of 2, for example 1 will halve width/height, reducing texture memory usage by 75% 1
gl_polyblend tints view while underwater, hurt, etc 1
gl_printcheckerror prints all OpenGL error checks, useful to identify location of driver crashes 0
gl_texture_anisotropy anisotropic filtering quality (if supported by hardware), 1 sample (no anisotropy) and 8 sample (8 tap anisotropy) are recommended values 1
gl_texturecompression whether to compress textures, a value of 0 disables compression (even if the individual cvars are 1), 1 enables fast (low quality) compression at startup, 2 enables slow (high quality) compression at startup 0
gl_texturecompression_2d whether to compress 2d (hud/menu) textures other than the font 0
gl_texturecompression_color whether to compress colormap (diffuse) textures 1
gl_texturecompression_gloss whether to compress glossmap (specular) textures 1
gl_texturecompression_glow whether to compress glowmap (luma) textures 1
gl_texturecompression_lightcubemaps whether to compress light cubemaps (spotlights and other light projection images) 1
gl_texturecompression_normal whether to compress normalmap (normalmap) textures 0
gl_texturecompression_q3bspdeluxemaps whether to compress deluxemaps in q3bsp format levels (only levels compiled with q3map2 -deluxe have these) 0
gl_texturecompression_q3bsplightmaps whether to compress lightmaps in q3bsp format levels 0
gl_texturecompression_sky whether to compress sky textures 1
gl_vbo make use of GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension to store static geometry in video memory for faster rendering, 0 disables VBO allocation or use, 1 enables VBOs for vertex and triangle data, 2 only for vertex data, 3 for vertex data and triangle data of simple meshes (ones with only one surface) 3

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