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 +====== Evolve ======
 +[[https://​​download|Evolve]] was kind of a VPN service, much like Hamachi or [[Tunngle]]. It was possible to create private groups using the same network, which could be shared simply via URLs. In order to create such a group, a valid email address had to be provided, while for simply connecting there was only a username and a password required. The client was rather comfortable in the sense, that it gave hints what might currently preventing the user from successfully joining such a group (e. g. network connection problems, due to a missing provided MAC adresse on the  virtual LAN card). Once the user joined the group, he was assigned an IP address, which allowed free network communication via the virtual LAN. This way classic lobby search driven games were playable via internet.
 +[[Gamesdatenbank|Back to the games database]]
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