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 +====== Total Annihilation ======
 +===== Information =====
 +Nice realtime strategy game, without much research, but with thick techtree. The main difference, however, is that production depends less on accumulated resources than on income rates. Additional files and info can be found [[http://​​|here]] and [[http://​​|here]]. An open source replica with a very similar design is [[Balanced Annihilation]].
 +===== Purchasing =====
 +TA is available at [[http://​​app/​298030/​|Steam]] and via [[http://​​game/​total_anihilation_commander_pack|GOG]].
 +===== Installation =====
 +  - Installing TA:
 +    - Select ''​Multiplayer Installation'',​ not ''​Standard installation''​
 +    - It can cause isolated problems if you do not install to ''​C:​\CAVEDOG\TOTALA''​.
 +    - CD 2 contains only single-player files, so it is not necessary for multiplayer.
 +  - Install extension Core Contingency (brings additional units and maps)
 +    - If the installer cannot be executed due to a 64-bit version of Windows, it is sufficient to copy ''​ccdata.ccx''​ and ''​ccmaps.ccx''​ from the directory ''​CC''​ into the TA directory.
 +    - For additional single player missions you have to copy ''​ccmiss.ccx''​ into the TA directory.
 +  - Extension Battle Tactics (extra maps)
 +    - If the installer cannot start due to 64-bit Windows, ''​btmaps.ccx''​ must be copied from the directory ''​bt''​ into the TA directory.
 +    - For additional single player missions you have to copy ''​btdata.ccx'',​ ''​tactics1.hpi'',​ ''​tactics2.hpi'',​ ''​tactics3.hpi'',​ ''​tactics4.hpi'',​ ''​tactics5.hpi'',​ ''​tactics6.hpi'',​ ''​tactics7.hpi''​ and ''​tactics8.hpi''​ into the TA directory.
 +  - copy ''​CavedogUnits.ufo''​ into the TA directory (new units Fark, Flea, Scarab, Immolator, Hedgehog and Necro)
 +  - Install Patch 3.1c
 +  - If necessary, install TA Demo Recorder and Recorder upgrade.
 +  - Apply crack
 +  - Apply 5000 unit patch (you can skip that, if you intend to install Escalation over it).
 +    - Extract patcher to TA directory.
 +    - Run ''​patch.bat''​
 +    - If this doesn'​t work because of 64-bit Windows, use a pre-patched 5000 unit file.
 +  - Install Escalation if necessary
 +    - Two preconditions are required for installation. First you have to install Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 and second the Total Annihilation Patch Resources 1.0 or higher. Both will be installed by the installer if necessary. But this requires an internet connection, so you may need to establish one beforehand.
 +    - Continue installer
 +    - if necessary copy newer version over it.
 +===== Network =====
 +For Internet games, ports 2300-2400, 47624 (TCP), and 2300-2400 (UDP) must be forwared. The latest patch is recommended for compatibility reasons.
 +[[gamesdatenbank|Back to the games database]]
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