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 +====== Terror from the Deep ======
 +===== Game Information =====
 +X-COM 2 or TFTD, plays 30 years after the first part. Instead of coming from Mars, they now come from the sea, but seem to have been in stasis there for much longer.
 +The game is a pure singleplayer game, so LAN or network things are no matter.
 +===== Purchasing =====
 +The game is still available at [[https://​​game/​xcom_terror_from_the_deep|GOG]] and [[http://​​app/​7650/​|Steam]]. An improved version can be played with this original data in conjunction with [[OpenXcom]].
 +===== Tech Tree =====
 +==== Reduced ====
 +Here's just a reduced version of the tech tree. This is basically a trimmed version of the original in the [[#​Complete]] section afterwards. If you know X-COM 1, you actually know how it works. If you want to keep the fun factor a bit longer the first time, the hint after the picture should be enough to not be totally frustrated. For someone who doesn'​t know the first part, the tech tree shouldn'​t matter. At least once you should have played X-COM 1 or 2 without hints.
 +{{ :​games:​tftd_tech-tree_aufs_wesentliche_reduziert.png |}}
 +Essentially,​ that's all that's somehow important for the game. Note: without the "Deep One Terrorist"​ you won't be able to knock anything off. In the very first terror mission there is always at least one of them. If you miss it, it can take quite a while (and delay progress) until you have an opportunity again.
 +==== Complete ====
 +This is the complete TFTD tech tree:
 +{{ :​games:​tftd_tech-tree.png |}}
 +[[gamesdatenbank|Back to the games database]]
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