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Teamspeak is a voice-over-IP-service, which is particularly popular among gamers. The user logs in on a Teamspeak server and can then talk to other players logged in as well in real time. The server can be organized into different channels. Only users in the same channel will hear each other. That's useful when there are users with different interests/topics (like different games) or different teams, which are not supposed to hear players from the opposing team. That's especially useful in games like CS, SHC or Worms. The connection is extablished via the server, not among the users themselves. It is not encrypted.


The client can be downloaded hier, alternatively locally here (32 Bit) resp. here (64 Bit).

First download and install the client. If required/available, download also the Client (updated binary) and replace the *.exe file in your TS folder with the newer version.

On the website

Modern browsers allow it to set certain software to be used for certain types of links. This goes for Teamspeak 3 as well. The URL must fit the following form: ts3server://serveraddress?port=serverport. For the mobile Infanterie the result is as follows: ts3server:// It is possible to provide additional information as well:

  • nickname
  • password
  • channel
  • channelpassword
  • token
  • addbookmark

In Firefox

By default it is not guaranteed, that Firefox opens such links with the proper application. Usually Firefox simply doesn't know what application to use. In order to enter the required settings, open the FF Config, by entering about:config into the address bar. Right-click there, and create a new bool value named protocol-handler.expose.ts3server and set it to false (usually FF will ask you right away for that). Now when clicking on such a ts3server:// link FF will ask for the program to be used for this kind of links. Point the dialog to your (Linux) or ts3client_win32.exe (Windows). It should be placed in the root folder of your TS installation. To not be bothered by this question in the future, don't forget to tick the corresponding checkbox in the dialog window. That's it. From now on, FF will open TS, when you click on a ts3server:// link automatically.

Server of the mobile Infanterie

On the mobile Infanterie there's a TS-Server running as well. Address and ports can be found on the Server status page. The access is public. Please mind your manners. ;-) It will only work with the Teamspeak 3 client. Version 2 cannot connect to Version 3 servers.

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