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Radmin VPN

General Information

Radmin VPN is a VPN service, which can also be used for free. The software is interesting because it makes it relatively easy to set up a VPN where you can play LAN games over the Internet. Users can be invited to separate groups, which can also be private (password protected). The biggest disadvantage, however, is that all hosts are located in a large subnet with mask This means that 16,777,214 hosts can be reached via broadcast or single IP query. Thus, games that use this method to find matches in the same network are practically unusable, as the sheer number of hosts can hardly be scanned. On the other hand, games with direct IP input can be played very well with it.

The software is available here.

Network Card Metric

On Windows, the so-called metric defines the priority, in which network cards are used. E. g., usually it is reasonable to place the LAN card first, and then Wifi, as the LAN cards usually have more bandwidth and a more stable connection.

So if a game only uses the first network card, it uses the network card with the lowest metric value set for any network card's TCP/IP protocol configuration of your system. You may set this manually at any time. Radmin VPN also adds a new network card, which serves to direct traffic through the VPN. It is of course also part of this hierarchy. However, it sets this network cards metric to 1 after every system start, which usually makes it first network card, even before your local network.

In many cases this can lead to problematic behavior, such as games all of a sudden not finding any servers hosted in the own LAN or local computers not being found for SMB access automatically any more. In order to omit this, it may help to reduce the metric to a lower priority/higher value. As this will be reset after a reboot automatically to value 1, it usually is sufficient to set the value to something like 20, to get access to the local network again and restart the system, once this is not desired any more.

Script for Setting the Network Card Metric automatically

You can create a script, that automatically sets the metric of Radmin's VPN adapter to 20. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new powershell script with a name like set_vpn_metric.ps1.
  2. Edit it and enter the following command into it: Get-NetAdapter | Where-Object -FilterScript {$_.InterfaceAlias -Eq "Radmin VPN"} | Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceMetric 20.
  3. Create a link to that script with the path C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -f "drive:\path\to\set_vpn_metric.ps1", with drive:\path\to\set_vpn_metric.ps1 being the actual full file path to the newly created script. Adapt it to your own file's location.
  4. Open properties of the newly created link and click on Advanced and select Run as Administrator (this is not available if you set the link to point directly to the script only).
  5. Enter powershell into the start menu and run it with administrator privileges(!).
  6. Enter Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned. This will allow Windows to run Powershell scripts. Note: This may be considered a security risk, as such scripts may be used to alter system settings (that's what our script from above actually does), especially when running scripts of questionable origin! So when using this option, be careful with scripts downloaded from the internet!

When you now open the newly created link, you are either asked for username and password of an existing administrator account (if you are working with a pure user account) or simply asked for confirmation to run that script (if you already use an account with administrator privileges). Once run, the metric for the “Radmin VPN” adapter is set to 20. So games should not continue to use the VPN adapter to look for games in the locale network. The change is immidately, but some games may require a restart in order for the change to affect them.

I Cannot Find My Other PCs Locally

As Radmin resets the metric of its virtual network card to 1 automatically, you might run into the problem, that you cannot find computers on the local network any more. You can try and connect to them via their IP, possibly even with their host name, but in the list of found hosts, your local computers do not turn up on the »Network« list. This can be omitted by deactivating the Service, that automatically activates the virtual network interface of Radmin, the »Radmin VPN Control Service« or shorter »RvControlSvc«. If you set this service to be started manually, you can finally deactivate the virtual network interface. Both requires administration privileges. After restarting your computer, you should be able to see your surrounding computers once again. But be aware that you have to start the service manually from now on, as you just set it this way. So when using Radmin for online gaming, start the service, wait for the network card to come on and only after that you can expect Radmin to work properly.

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