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Games database and LAN info

Here I started to create a games database, intended to collect information on how to get games to run (especially older games on newer systems) and what might be important during setup. For some games, there are also some dedicated servers running on this machine. Their status can be seen here. There is also a Teamspeak server running.


It is a valid question, why one might need yet another games page on the internet. Well, for one thing, this Wiki is not just intended as basis of the games database. It also contains a lot of stuff of a more private nature, which helps me organize my stuff and data. But it is also intended to help with issues on LAN parties. The games database must be seen in the historical context. Some pages have download links for files and games, that are freely available. But all this might not help a lot without the information on how to get that stuff to run and what is possible with it. Especially older games have a tendency of causing problems right from the beginning, which often can be avoided. For instance, if a game requires GameRanger or the installer won't run on an x64 system anymore it is useful to know that right from the start, and hopefully also, how to cope with that. The Wiki is an ideal way of sharing the experiences and solution strategies with others. This might help to keep problem solving time small when having the next gaming session.


Obsolete Technology

Services for online play



This is a List of games, that have a history of being played on our LAN parties. »x« means »yes, does have it/works with it«, »-« means won't work with it. »?« are open to be discovered/written down. »(x)« means, it is supposed to work, but has not been confirmed, yet. If you have some relevant information, feel free to add id. Details are supposed to be noted in Funktionstests or the games articles. Please also note, with which versions the tests or steps were done. For instance, there are cases, where the GOG version of a game simply lacks the LAN capability, while the original did have it, where the LAN play is only working properly having certain patches installed.

Klick on the columns headers to sort the list.

Game name Singleplayer Multiplayer Hotseat Coop Online LAN IP direct via lobby via Game-
MI Notes
Age of Empires 1 x ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (x) - untested
Age of Empires 2 x x - x x x x x (x) - already played on LAN
Aliens vs. Predator 2 ? x ? ? ? x ? ? (x) - played only on LAN
Balanced Annihilation x x - x x x x x - x Works in principle via direct IP, usually played via lobby
Birth of the Federation x x ? ? ? ? ? ? x -
Bridge Commander ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? untestet
Call of Duty x x - (x) x x x x (x) - has problems with LAN play, like not being handed any weapon when spawning, the ZZZ bots are of poor quality
Call of Duty 2 x x - x x x x x (x) -
Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 x x - ? ? ? ? ? - - untestet
Conflict: Denied Ops x x - x - ? - x - - lobby server don't exist any more, LAN-play is buggy
Conflict: Global Storm x x - x ? ? ? ? - - used to be played via GameSpy, LAN play is untested
Counter-Strike x x - x x x x x - x formerly lobby worked via WON2, lobby works with patching today as well
Dragon Commander ? x - ? ? ? ? ? - - practicly untested
Dungeon Keeper x x - ? - x - x - - requires IPX in LAN
Enemy Territory Quake Wars x x - x x x ? x (x) x online play only with account which requires a valid CD-Key
Frontlines - Fuel of war x x - ? ? x ? ? - - works via VPN, online play caused some trouble
Ground Control x x - - - x - x (x) - The required WON server are down, supposedly works via GameRanger
Half-Life x x - ? x x x ? - -
Half-Life: Opposing Force x x - ? x x x ? - -
Have a N.I.C.E. day x x ? ? ? x ? ? - - played on LAN
Hexplore x x - x ? x x - - - Works only with Windows versions up to XP
Ignition x x ? - - x - x - - required IPX in LAN
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 x x x x x x ? ? - -
Klingon Academy ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -
Medal of honor - Allied Assault x x - ? ? x ? ? (x) - played on LAN
Need for Speed 2 SE x x x - ? x x - - - direct IP on the internet is untested
Need for Speed - Underground 1 x x - - - - x x - x requires running a lobby server which can only be connected to via LAN/VPN
Need for Speed - Underground 2 x x x - ? x x ? (x) - the internet servers are down, online play might still be possible
Nexuiz x x - x x x x x - x
No one lives forever 2 x x - x x ? ? ? - - Only Coop, but that even via internet
OpenXcom x - - - - - - - - -
Project Eden x x - ? ? ? ? ? (x) - untested with multiplayer
Quake 3 Arena x x - x x x ? x ? -
Siedler 2 (RTTR) x x - ? ? x ? ? ? -
Star Trek - Armada 1 x x - x x x - x x -
Star Trek - Armada 2 x x - x ? x - x x -
Star Trek - Armada 3 ? x ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -
Star Trek - Elite Force 2 x x - x x x ? x ? -
Star Trek - Voyager Eliteforce x x - x x x x ? - x
Starcraft (Broodwar) x x - x x x ? x (x) - works only with valid CD key. The original CD version has problems with graphics bugs, the version works quite well.
Stronghold Crusader x x - x x x x - (x) - No GameSpy servers available any more, works with GameRanger.
Stronghold Crusader Extreme ? x - ? ? x ? ? x - a more multiplayer optimized version of Stronghold Crusader
Supreme Commander x x - x ? x x x ? - GPGNet not available any more
Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance x x - x ? x x x ? - GPGNet not available any more, works via Steam
Terror from the Deep x - - - - - - - - -
Total Annihilation x x - x x x x - (x) -
UFO2000 - x x - x x x - - x only works with a dedicated server (also online) or via Hotseat
Unreal Tournament x x - x x x x ? - x
Unreal Tournament 2004 x x - x x x x x - x
Uprising x x - x - x - x (x) -
Virtua Fighter 2 x x x - ? x x ? - - Works via LAN
Warcraft 3 (Reign of chaos) x x - x ? x ? x (x) - online play currently untested, but supposedly works, as still supports it
Warhammer 40000 Dawn of war x x - ? ? ? ? ? (x) - untested
Warlords 1 x x x x - - - - - -
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory x x - x x x ? x (x) - singleplayer only with bots, it is unclear how to set them up
Worms 2 Original x x x x ? x x x (x) - LAN doesn't work properly, as the game never finds any open games, so essentially a Hotseat game
Worms 2 GOG-Version x x x x - - - - - - network play was removed altogether, so only suitable for Hotseat.
Worms Armageddon (New Edition) x x x x x x ? ? (x) - Looks on the local subnet, or gameplay via IRC-like network as lobby game
Worms World Party x x x x x x x x (x) -
Z Steel Soldiers x x ? ? ? ? ? ? - - not played on LAN, yet
  • Singleplayer: Is there some sort of singleplayer modus requiring no human players to play?
  • Multiplayer: Can the game be played with/against humans?
  • Hotseat: Can at least two players play on the very same computer?
  • Coop: Players are not necessarily required to play human vs. human. This includes playing all humans against bots, as well as special Coop modes, like playing a campaign together.
  • Online: Is the game playable online without the need for special means, like a VPN?
  • LAN: Can the game be played on a local area network (LAN)?
  • IP direkt: Is it possible to enter an IP address or host name directly, in order to connect to an open server/match (not requiring some kind of lobby to first find the game)?
  • via Lobby: Open servers/matches can be found via internet Lobby-Server or on LAN via automatic ingame search for open games.
  • via GameRanger: Some games used to rely on Lobby-Servers which do not exist anymore (e. g. WON servers). To fill in that gap, GameRanger can be used for a variety of games. This way online play is still possible.
  • MI: Is there some server running on the mobile Infanterie?
  • Notes: Additional information, which might help understanding the possibilities. More details are supposed to be explained in the article of the game. The combination of fields here usually already tell you quite a big deal. For example, when a game has multiplayer but no LAN play and no hotseat, it obviously is only playable via internet. On the other hand, having a Coop doesn't necessarily mean, the game requires a network connection of any kind, as hotseat is multiplayer as well. Of the combination of having direct IP connection available, but no internet play means, it can be played on LAN, but not via internet. This can only be circumvented with means like VPN which can create a network connection with all players in the same subnet sind, but connecting directly via IP address. Lobby + no online play can tell you, that games in the local subnet are only found via lobby, but there are no internet lobby servers or connections available. Especially IPX does not know any direct connection. Games can only be found by some sort of lobby mechanism.

Game series

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