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 +====== GameRanger ======
 +Over time, some online play networks relying on [[Servertypen#​Lobby-Server]]s were created by computer game companies, and later (usually for financial reasons) dismantled. Good examples are the [[World Opponent Network|WON]] servers or the heartbeat servers for [[Star Trek - Voyager Eliteforce]]. The problem is, that there are games, for which the lobby servers are essential for online play. Are those lobby servers down, the online play is practically impossible (without using solutions like [[VPN]]). For some games there are workarounds,​ like starting parameters for the game binary, which make them connect to a certain address and port. For some the lobby server address can be changed. For many of those games [[http://​​|GameRanger]] makes it possible to play online, incl. chat rooms. The list of currently supported games can be found [[http://​​games/​|here]]. You can download GameRanger from [[http://​​download/​|here]].
 +[[gamesdatenbank|Back to the games database]]
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