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Explorer hack

Especially under Win 7 several games show wrong colors. The problem can be solved by quitting the explorer.exe before playing. As long as it is running or restarted, the color errors occur. Therefore it makes sense to point to a batch file instead of the usual program shortcut, which first closes the Explorer, starts the game, and after finishing the game starts the Explorer again. In this way it is relatively convenient to start the game without getting the color problems. A generic variant would look like this:

example script

For example, an init script can have the following structure:

echo off
echo Killing explorer.exe...
rem ping -n 2
taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
rem ping -n 2
echo Starting <game name> ...
cmd.exe /C start /affinity 1 <game executable>
rem <Press Enter to restart Explorer>
echo Restarting explorer.exe...
start explorer.exe

The <game name> is a meaningful name, so that it is clear what happens next. <game executable> means the .exe file, which would otherwise usually be started via the shortcut or directly. Now you can let already existing desktop or start menu shortcuts point to it and assign them the icon from the binary. So the whole thing looks exactly as if everything would run normally, only that before the game the query occurs so that the Explorer has enough time to vanish from memory before the game is started.

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